Why under French PSA Group's luxury brand DS has‘t sold well?

    DS brand the first half of 2016, cumulative sales of 8715, there is no doubt that this is a negative growth in the state, such a sales situation, people quite unexpected! DS then how out of the shadows worth pondering? DS product you poor, poor competitiveness it? This is a very worthy topic to explore!

When DS revival project himself buried a controversial mine

    DS controversy first from its origins in 1955 with the birth of the DS does hydraulic active suspension technology ahead of its time and style led for 20 years, but it is after all only one of its Citroen cars. 2010 DS revival, had just adopted the name Citroen DS's a fine positioning of the cart-based family until 2014, after the establishment of a fully independent front and rear with high-end brand identity independent of the DS, which is it, and Toyota's Lexus Nissan's Infiniti and Honda's Acura is different, because the three are beginning to establish an independent brand. While in Europe, DS revival sell well after debut, about to break the 120,000 sales. But from the beginning of the revival no righting, and then later I have to say it was righting the PSA making mistakes. PSA actually committed the error is not isolated cases. Hyundai high-end line of the moment also committed such an error DS, Jieen Si as modern cars already exist for several years, to the end of 2015 announced that as an independent high-end brand development, to t-ball point of view, this It must also be a bumpy road, so many years after Honda's Acura global annual sales are only a dozen cars, but this simply does not work in China's largest auto market.


Do not look at the same level, on the various aspects of the product do not lose force DS BBA

    In the Chinese market, luxury brands seem to be considered mainly to see the price, is based on the anticipation, the Acura flagship sedan in the absence of large-scale cases, the price of its products are very high, to show his luxury car status (of course there is a reason, it is for the development of the brand in North America, the displacement is relatively large, the Chinese tax more than others). But this approach obviously failed. Latecomers DS and Lincoln have summed up the experience, take the People First line, but with deep historical and lengthened Lincoln wedding car background and also the leader in full-size SUV propped up one million yuan different price, DS is currently the most advanced car midsize sedan DS 5, but also personalized hatchback design. Its full line price 219 900 -34.59 million and compared to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class guide price: 31.48-59.90 million and the BMW 3 Series guide price: 28.30-59.88 million and Audi A4L guide price: 28.99-39.39 Wan, DS 5 This French President car really affordable, but the luxury brand price support is somewhat less!

    On the cortex, with its top and sub-top with it has adopted the advanced design leather-wrapped center console, but also uses the top with the highest level of semi-aniline leather process (this material is currently known to be Mercedes-Benz S Maybach, Lexus high with, Cadillac top with some models only use), also used Denon stereo sound, 0.8mm minimum gap technology, the DS brand embodies the pursuit of quality. And a sense of artistic design is also more than the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4L, and Mercedes-Benz C-class par. Damping materials on the pad surface using 100% free of bitumen, we know for sure will cause asphalt damper owners disease, the main source of the car often odorous, DS are used inside and outside the paint is environmentally friendly water-based materials, which in many the BBA models are also rare, and air quality control system can also make use of the exhaust gas sensor to detect exterior air PM2.5, dust, hydrocarbons and other pollutants, and automatic control loop mode the car air-conditioning systems, will blocking harmful substances in the car, but also disinfection ionizer further purify the air inside the vehicle. And steering the car is quite good, the configuration is also very rich, from the corresponding level view DS and BBA and Lexus, Volvo, Cadillac same level of product point of view, fully worthy of the luxury brand identity.

DS unfortunate but also with French car trolley traditions

    DS has been claimed that the French luxury brand, which it would not leave, but the question is whether it is the French brand Peugeot, Citroen or Renault will focus on the production A-class car, A0-level models, are not successful in the car, large car history there had 607, C6, Vel Satis, but without success, and large flagship sedan we did not have before. This is a very good growing environment for the DS, because it determines its products will start in mid-size or less. A luxury brand is only available from a compact car, even against the French presidential car's name, it is difficult to produce it worship.

Independent suspension, four-wheel drive, ACC missing, DS technology also has shortcomings

    To compare DS is a fatal blow, DS full range of products are not four-wheel independent suspension, torsion beam rear suspension are, even if people do not deny that the French media to consummate the suspension tuning, driving feel no better than control four-wheel independent suspension BBA difference, but users will have pimple, because the DS where the price range you can buy a four-wheel independent suspension models too much. Second, the luxury car was a little fire, such as the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4L, monthly sales of Mercedes-Benz C-Class is now eight thousand million children are frequently, but not orthodox happens DS sedan midsize sedan, which it missed the mainstream market. Third, SUV market is the hottest market, unfortunately DS or the entire PSA Group in the SUV field it has not been as professional, the only orthodox Peugeot 4008 was followed by Mitsubishi platform, which leads to the development of DS SUV products in the absence of technical support, DS 6 this product is not a full four-wheel drive system, make markets and expertise also been questioned. The fourth point in the high-tech, although the DS configuration is also good, not try to lack of ACC adaptive cruise this the hottest high-tech configuration (because the PSA has not had the technology, but also by PSA Nima pit ah) this allowed the trend in the field of science and technology is also affected by the setback, because accounting for less than forefront position.

    In addition to some inherent constraints on product technology and strategy, DS caught up with a not very good times, the trend of decline in the Chinese economy, luxury personal consumption is suppressed, which determines its outbreak is difficult; second auto survival difficult , 4S shop mode doubt, expand channels harder than before; third DS caught up with a spread chaotic era, used to rely on a large platform to serve ads to build awareness of the era has passed, and now is piecemeal into the multimedia era opportunities to build brand awareness, not only the test of financial resources, but the test of wisdom, manufacturers must precisely identify up to hundreds of influential new media and serve to produce the same effect, but once the process of selecting the wrong, not again Great, this is eaten qoros burned; and fourthly, the current Chinese auto increment from three, four, five cities, while DS luxury brand positioning, its spread and channel construction is bound to make it defeats because the spread of view, it certainly would not consciously choose those brand style fashion media (currently effective influence of these media are very doubtful), and these basic media spread less than three, four, five cities, channel construction, too, will not sink to the three, four, five line cities. Fifth, Changan PSA in the development process, there was a brief toss and employment strategy, which led to missed the best rise.

    There is no doubt that the current automotive interiors industry to do the best Mercedes, BMW is the best handling, most technologically superior Audi, safety and environmental best-known is Volvo. But they are too expensive to sell. In the country to find the advantages of both of these luxury brands is a bit difficult, the Lexus ES, NX interior, safety, environmental protection may be able to count one, but manipulate it more general, and the price is not cheap. Volkswagen, Buick in some aspects of performance is very balanced, but a senior interior materials on or almost, tone of the brand is not enough. Personalized brand, Jeep play the feelings, the delicacy of weak, MINI interior and environmental protection is too weak, Subaru manipulation, security is good, but the other only huh. The only remaining one is in control of the interior sense of technology DS, leather and chrome design quite Benz luxury, handling is quite sharp, with HUD and the fighter is first class, is more environmentally friendly damp pad 100% free of bitumen, even Biwoerwo also strong. But is such a more comprehensive luxury brand, due to inadequate publicity, resulting in low visibility, sales also low, and even the country has been re-investigate the DS count luxury brand. Well, a lot has been analyzed above, DS still have the chance? I can only say that this depends on the determination of France, especially the French side must understand that the luxury brand must be brand communication first! If the DS is to completely open up the situation, I see a large-scale product declared, it is a must!

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