Do you know the electric car insurance?

    Some time ago, a reporter friend Lee advice to buy electric car thing, because the average number of years does not shake, and I heard the electric car is easier to get the license plate can enjoy state subsidies, feeling sassy, just wondering to buy a return Family.

    However, in the elaborate process, which found Lee to be able to buy electric cars, how lottery, subsidy policy is kind of how, where to buy a car now more favorable charging poles how to build, how insurance, sale service how kind and so are poorly understood. Lee must have the same confusion and a few readers, do not worry, the next car will be used in the form of serial Daily for your detailed answers.

    Previous Automotive Business Daily in Beijing to resolve the problem of new energy vehicles Yaohao, subsidies, and other aspects of the car and charging, this issue we'll explain pure electric automobile insurance issues.

    At present, more and more cities to the purchase of cars, while new energy vehicles was "lenient" in the future more and more consumers will choose to buy an electric car, after resolving the car, car and other aspects of the problem, the electric car the insurance will follow on the table.

Electric car insurance and fuel vehicles What is the difference

    Although our insurance company underwriting the electric car, but because of the small number of electric vehicles on the market, the insurance company is difficult to launch a separate exclusive auto insurance for electric vehicles. Therefore, the current electric cars and conventional cars of both the insurance is no qualitative difference.

    As for the future will mature markets such as Europe and learning practices by insurance companies introduce the corresponding insurance products and services, such as preferential rates for the new energy vehicle owners to provide special additional insurance for the power system, the insurance company does not explicitly temporary position, we can only wait and see.

    Compared to conventional cars electric vehicles whether lower premiums

"In accordance with the fuel standard car insurance premium electric vehicles than ordinary fuel does your car." A new energy vehicles 4S shop staff told reporters that the reason is very simple, because the prices of auto insurance by the insurance premium price decision, and the new construction costs of energy vehicles and conventional vehicles differ more, the prices of new energy vehicles will generally be higher, correspondingly higher premiums. And there are some pure electric vehicles, but also enjoy the original subsidies before by insurance, so that the premium will be higher.

    But now countries are vigorously support new energy vehicles, consumers in the purchase of new energy vehicles will receive state or local government to give subsidies to buy cars, consumers will reduce the actual cost of the car lot. Taking Beijing as an example, many brands of pure electric vehicles will follow the price of insurance subsidies for consumers, so the actual purchase prices before the premium subsidy would surely be a lot cheaper, but even so compared with the level gasoline vehicle, the electric car is still not dominant premiums.

    Before there Beiqi E Series owners to pure electric vehicles, for example counted an account, the Beijing market, Beiqi new energy E series of pure electric cars subsidies minus the government and enterprises in Beijing terminal is priced at about $ 100,000. Consumers can complete the project and the traditional auto insurance the same insurance by price subsidies, the annual cost of insurance in five to six thousand dollars. Beiqi E150 and a conventional gasoline vehicle, its insurance annual premium of 4 thousand dollars.

Battery alone can not insured

    Battery as the core components of new energy vehicles, but can not be insured separately. Reporters consulted the major insurance companies have said there was no single new energy vehicles for the insurance regulations that existing regulations are basically cf. gasoline come.

    Currently, the new energy vehicle market share is small, and many consider the cost of the battery from the high cost and difficult handling technical failures, domestic insurance companies are unwilling to take risks for the battery alone encumbered. However, with the gradual development of new energy markets, the insurance industry should research and new energy vehicles to match the product as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the government also needs to study the relevant regulations as soon as possible, standardize new energy automobile insurance market, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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