Handbrake car maintenance is essential

  Many less experienced drivers fear most in the sloping road parking, and fear started to slip after the car collided. In fact, if the parking brake of the vehicle is working properly, the car slip phenomenon will not happen, but to remind owners that do not overlook the importance of the hand brake, the handbrake should pay attention to maintenance, the need for timely bad hand brake job adjustment.

  How to maintain the handbrake proceed? Many people find it strange that the handbrake car maintenance also need it? In actual fact, as a mechanical thing, in addition to good habits, regular maintenance is also very important, hand brake for the car is very important, if not maintained well even endanger life.

  Handbrake lever operating position is determined

  And foot brake pedals, handbrake handle also has a pull stroke. Typically, when pulling the handle 70% of the stroke, the parking brake system should brake in a normal position, so check before hand brake braking force should first find out the 70% of the operating point, the operating point It can be determined by the number of ratchet sound. You can park the car in a relatively quiet place, and slowly pull the handbrake, the number of clicks while pulling ratchet issued until the end of the handle pulled up. Then calculate 70% of the total number of sound position, this position is the effective operating point handbrake handle.

  Effectiveness Check handbrake mechanism

  The car up to a larger slope on the road in good condition (preferably asphalt) slopes, slam the brakes, the gear position in the neutral (if it is linked to the automatic transmission in N position), just pull the handbrake lever determined operating position. Then slowly release the brake pedal, if the car does not slip occurs, it shows the effectiveness of the handbrake good. Such examination should be done once in each location uphill and downhill.

  The sensitivity of the test the handbrake

  In addition to braking performance, but should also check the sensitivity of the handbrake, which is particularly important for the start ramp. In the absence of slope road traveling slowly, slowly pulling handbrake handle and feel the sensitivity and the junction of the handle. Handbrake mechanism such examination would wear, so check the number should not be too much. In the inspection process, if we find the handbrake brake performance or sensitivity is not ideal, usually by adjusting the operation of the handbrake cable to resolve. At the bottom of the handbrake lever has an adjustable compensation mechanism and cable connection, loosen the lock nut can stretch the length of the brake cable. Some cars can adjustment mechanism provided in the bottom of the vehicle, if inconvenient adjustments should be completed by a professional maintenance staff to deal with.

  High-speed driving with the handbrake Mo

  There are many owners that encounter brake failure, you can pull the handbrake to slow down, in fact, this is very dangerous. Since the handbrake mechanism is not precise, the braking force of the left and right sides of the uneven distribution of pulling the handbrake at high speeds is easy to make one side of the rear wheels from locking, skidding. The correct approach is to slow down by downshifting, the vehicle speed is low when pulling the handbrake brake to stop the car.

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