Automobile spare tire is not high speed?

    Explosion miscarried owners will find a phenomenon: car spare tire smaller size than normal, and the majority of bright colors, why do it? People also spare tire thing.

Xiao Bian said that spare tire smaller size than normal, has gradually become a trend in the car, for two reasons:

1, this strong contrast, prompting the owners for a spare tire as soon as possible in exchange for normal spare tire;

2, save space and reduce the weight of the car.

Spare tire is not only more delicate than normal, also need to use more care, take a look at how the care of the spare tire of it.

1 spare tire with a maximum of 4 years

Many owners thought spare tire in the trunk, just do not, you can "spare tire to the old" is this really so? Some less concerned about car spare boor, often found in the spare tire after a puncture has serious aging, can not be used. Xiao Bian said that spare tire rubber products, long term storage will occur aging, spare tire aging period is generally four years, so we recommend that you spare tire replaced once every four years.

2, spare tire needs regular testing

Routine maintenance, many auto repair shops will ignore maintenance spare tire; some owners before long-distance travel, it's rare to check the spare tire, this difference of treatment, so that the spare tire was very aggrieved. Xiao Bian pointed out that both routine maintenance, or long-haul travel, you need to be a spare tire "great care", the projects are mainly detected tire pressure is normal, whether there is a small crack sidewall, the sidewall if a crack is not long distances.

3, can not spare car at high speed

In contrast, the spare tire more playfully than normal, requiring more care. After put on the spare tire, it is recommended not to exceed the speed of 80km / h, in order to avoid a chain of accidents.

4, to prevent the oil spare tire was "robbing"

The main components of automobile spare tire rubber, rubber erosion of the most taboo oil, even oil, can also cause the spare tire "pregnancy" (expansion eclipse). Therefore, once the spare tire gets the oil, be sure to use the oil as soon as possible neutral detergent wash.

5, not long-term to occupy the spare tire harem Theme

Spare tire not only petite, but also because the use of lower frequencies, flat rate, and different tire width so normal tire, replace the spare tire, the friction coefficient of the four tires of different traction is different, long-term use, will affect the vehicle braking system.

Xiao Bian said that in addition to the spare tire is smaller than normal, and the colors are bright, the main purpose is to remind owners timely replacement of the spare tire.

6, repair tires act as a spare tire, it can only be used on non-driving wheel

Some owners might tire repaired as a spare tire, but when using these spare tire, must not be used on the drive wheels. Xiao Bian said that the following intermediate and family cars, many of which are precursors, once the front tire, the car will be more difficult to control direction. So, after the tire repair when acting as a spare tire, it should not be used on the drive wheels.

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