US magazine 2006-2016 annual SUV inventory

    Leading US automobile magazine Motor Trend since 1999, launched a year SUV award activities, they are committed to the selection of the year's best SUV models, of course, which can not avoid a lot of controversy. Over the past decade has not changed is their ultimate pursuit for outstanding SUV. We wish to work together inventory under 2006--2016 years MotorTrend selected annual SUV, to see which cars won the American professional reviewers recognition. Of course, for these SUV, domestic consumers may have a different feeling.

2016 Annual SUV: Volvo XC90

    The new XC90 debut so many fans recall the 1970s and 1980s shared memories about Volvo: perfectly smooth styling, practical-oriented design, and exquisite workmanship.

    We are fascinated not only XC90 itself, it is also necessary to focus on the key to tell you about. If there is a key named Motor Trend Car of the Year, I believe that it will be able finalists. It has a key matchbox generally boxy, but not the slightest degree of fine workmanship careless. Key coated with the same Nappa leather car seats, three silver buttons arranged on the side, to a certain extent, to prevent inadvertently caused in the pocket. In addition, only one key on the Volvo logo, Nordic minimalist design Watch heart.

    We should not have spent so devoted to introduce a car key, but the key XC90 is so delicate, and with the vehicle reached a high degree of unity style, to a certain extent, it is also the perfect XC90 presentation. The new XC90 is not only an excellent balance between practicality and style, and it redefines the luxury three-row SUV and the Volvo brand itself. It led Volvo's new design style and philosophy, followed by release of the new S90 and V90 are also amazing market works.

Thus, the new XC90 is not only MotorTrend selected annual SUV, and it is from the inside exudes a unique charm called art.

    How important it is to do car key: to ink reviews! This is the power of the details.

2015 Annual SUV: Honda CR-V

    2012 listing of the fourth-generation CR-V in a small offset frontal crash test made only "Marginal" (pass) results, missed the opportunity to achieve Top Safety Pick Top Safety Evaluation. In addition, it uses a five-speed automatic transmission is slightly out of date, with the same level of competition compared to the loss of a lot of fun to drive. Honda has always been not shy away from its own shortcomings, the 2015 Honda CR-V was to upgrade facelift, it has won the chance to revive.

In fact, CR-V SUV of the Year 2015 election process was not so smooth, the results of the judges for the great differences. After more than two hours of intense discussion, CR-V final with excellent design, positive dynamic response, high safety evaluation has won the favor of the judges.

Several judges from among the evaluation, the fans may have a CR-V has a more intuitive understanding. Lago said: "CR-V with performance proved an economy SUV driving pleasure need not be at the expense of the cost." MacKenzie then commented: "2015 models CR-V is a successful small change models, Honda with the typical way of thinking and design of the CR-V continued good market performance."

I ink Comments: I'm one to understand why cash CR-V so ugly, like the original Americans.

2014 SUV: Subaru Forester

Subaru understands the secret of the vehicle to create a reasonable size, they introduced models always fit the size of the space vehicle for consumer demand. With conventional non-bearing SUV is gradually being replaced by load-type Crossover / SUV, Subaru's design direction also quietly changed. It began its business focus from the original car field to the crossover market, and achieved good market performance. Forest and Subaru Outback accounted for most of the market share, but not enough to make the traditional Subaru loyal fans feel sad.

Re-create the 2014 Subaru Forester power have been enhanced, and vehicle size remained unchanged under the premise of increased interior space, and achieve better fuel economy. The vehicle has excellent driving comfort, off-road performance is completely sufficient for most consumers. At the same level models, the Subaru Forester has a really good competition, not to mention Subaru have been proud of driving pleasure in no way affected.

Comments to the ink: strong product, reasonable price, or imported cars, which is perhaps the forest is also popular in China the main reason

2013 Annual SUV: Mercedes GL

Our impression of the traditional SUV image has quietly changed, in 2013 the annual Motor Trend SUV of candidate models actually used in all Unibody structure, and the vast majority are car-based platform from. However, there are still a model so that we retain the SUV's expectations, as the judges Frank Markus said, "It is a sufficient for us to imagine SUV models", that is the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL.

Here we did not mention specific model Mercedes-Benz GL. Whether it is equipped with a diesel engine, fuel consumption is very low GL350, or nearly three tons with 429 horsepower vehicle weight, speed approaching still unimaginable GL550, the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz GL SUV market in the year can not hide the light has become 2013 annual SUV Award deserved winner.

2012 Annual SUV: Land Rover Range Rover Aurora

In the eyes of car enthusiasts, "the use of non-bearing SUV body structure" and "sports car with manual transmission must be" two truths is the automotive world. But the ideal is always made to be broken by reality, most car brands will no longer launch the manual model, at the same time more and more load-type SUV market quickly. For all of the product line for Land Rover SUV models, adapt to the market is the only option. Therefore, in the Land Rover's current product spectrum, substantially all of the products are used unibody structure.

Land Rover Range Rover Aurora is undoubtedly a successful work, it is based on the Land Rover LR2 (Freelander 2) to build from. As LR2 has been greatly improved on the basis of generation of the Freelander, Aurora has also been compared LR2 revolutionary progress. Although Land Rover Aurora in terms of the development phase and have not done anything to Motor Trend advice, but can not be denied that the Range Rover Aurora in full compliance with the standard six year SUV award and made the judges unanimously endorsed.

Comments to the ink: Land Rover Brand + excellent shape is to attract Chinese users to its core elements, as its space, I can only huh.

2011 SUV: Porsche Cayenne

Porsche introduced the Cayenne the year when diehard fans Porsche is unacceptable, always focused on the sports car brand launched SUV for them is simply a betrayal. The Motor Trend fueled Cayenne selected as the 2011 annual SUV, I do not know how many fans will make a loud scolding and angrily tore magazine. However, Motor Trend has repeatedly stated that their selection is based strictly on the six selection criteria, at least from this point to become fully compliant with the annual Cayenne SUV conditions.

Cayenne has a spacious cabin and trunk space, as well as interior design and comfortable interior environment, with the practicality of a near-perfect performance. In addition, its exterior and interior design are quite bright, exquisite workmanship and good fuel economy and consumers get the praise of the judges. In addition, it is very complete in terms of active and passive safety features, and the V-6 version of attractively priced models, Cayenne thus attracted to the rational and successful young people's favorite blood sports, a wide range of audience is probably Porsche unanticipated.

It ink Comments: Cayenne is very successful in China is also true.

2010 SUV: Subaru Outback

As seen in the picture, the Subaru Outback has a good cabin space, tough body lines, modern design, outstanding sportiness and practicality. If not otherwise specified, then perhaps a lot of people will be as Outback is a wagon.

Subaru is by far the year for two consecutive years won the Motor Trend brand SUV models in 2009, the ultimate winner is that it's additionally a SUV-- Forester. In 2010, after repelling a number of strong competitors, the new fourth-generation Subaru Outback overwhelmingly 10 to 1 to win this award for the Subaru again.

I ink Comments: the 2010 Subaru Outback SUV legend annual Sino-US users there is a great difference in the aesthetic.

2009 SUV: Subaru Forester

In 2009, international oil prices out of the downward trend, and continued to climb all the way to shock upstream. Therefore, as the average consumer, Motor Trend SUV of the judges during the annual assessment to a certain extent abandoned the original SUV evaluation criteria, but fuel economy as an important aspect to consider.

Subaru Forester 2.5XT one hundred kilometers combined consumption of 14.7 liters in the year all four-wheel drive SUV, the lowest fuel consumption. Of course, one can become an annual SUV forest just by virtue of its advantages in terms of fuel economy.

I ink Comments: Americans value so Subaru, Subaru is probably the main cause of the delay is not one of the domestic China.

2008 SUV: Mazda CX-9

Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom" brand essence and the "soul of motion" design concept deeply every fans heart, and generally speaking consumers for Mazda's sports performance and driving pleasure also has a highly recognized, this is nothing less than marketing success.

However, Mazda's real strength not stop at the level of advertising. Whether rotor legendary RX-8, or a sexy car MX-5, that is, as the flu or MPV Mazda 5, or that informal threadbare CX-7, each car's speed is fast enough, sharp enough control are completely live sports reputation. As the only once in the 24 Hours of Le Mans winning Japanese manufacturer, Mazda sports car in its own field of insights and ideas. More importantly, they really know how the movement of genes into each product to go.

Comments to the ink: Chinese users said, Mazda, CX-9? This is what the car, heard ......

Year 2007 SUV: Mercedes-Benz GL450

Before the final result came out, no one would expect to be the Mercedes-Benz GL450 2007 annual SUV. From this one single price evaluation criteria, the Mercedes-Benz GL has been at a distinct disadvantage. Starting price of $ 55,675 has no competition, and after an appropriate option, the price easily exceeded $ 70,000. Taking into account the two other evaluation criteria and the same level of market share and other advantages, and some even think the judges voted the Mercedes-Benz GL is well deserved.

Before and Mercedes-Benz GL-depth contact with the judges to make such judgments is understandable. Although the Mercedes-Benz GL as its first full-size SUV, and the M-Class and R-Class sharing platform, the Mercedes-Benz GL still has distinctive features and performance. After a test drive for some time, Mercedes-Benz GL show performance and driving experience will make everyone believe that it is Mercedes-Benz's best SUV.

It ink Comments: Well, is you.

2006 SUV: Nissan Xterra

Rear axle design hard axis, tires aspect ratio lower, simply transfer case structure - compared with the growing complexity of electronic systems competitors, Nissan Xterra looks somewhat outdated. However, Nissan Xterra build this fully in line with consumer demand for a sport utility vehicle: a tough, reliable, practical and fun to drive, it can you want to go to any place.

Nissan Xterra is based on the proven F-Alpha platform to build from the same platform models including Armada, Pathfinder, Titan, Frontier and so on. Most parts and design uses have been market validation and recognition, thus Xterra reliability are fully guaranteed. It is equipped with 4.0-liter V-6 engine and the 350Z sports car used the same engine.

Although at first glance, the 2006 Xterra is basically the same with the old models, but it has width and height dimensions of the extended wheelbase and body height were increased by two inches and 0.7 inches, creating a more spacious cabin space . Approach and departure angles have also been enhanced to ensure that it better through sex. For off-road performance is the focus, so Nissan Xterra SUV stand out in many, becoming the 2006 SUV.

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