The new generation of the Nissan JUKE modeling renderings exposure

    Recently, foreign media released a new Nissan JUKE renderings, the car uses a new family of mask Nissan, still retains the round headlights. As previously reported a second-generation Nissan JUKE will launch the first half of 2017, the new car will adopt the CMF platform to build, and equipped with a variety of powertrains.

 Nissan JUKE 2017

    From the renderings released, the new JUKE remained separate headlamps designed in keeping with the round headlights, while the introduction of the Nissan family of V-Motion front styling and boomerangs type LED lamps, overall modeling more movement.

 Nissan JUKE 2017

    Car side there is a small detail also made improvements to the D column a hidden process design with Loulan similar. Relatively small changes in the tail, mainly taillights and internal structure change, the exhaust pipe using two bilateral co-design, more prominent sports style.

    Power, the new car will use the 1.0T include three-cylinder gasoline engine, 1.5 liters of diesel and gasoline engines 1.6T gasoline engines, 1.6T engine maximum power of about 193 horsepower (142 kW), also may be equipped with a hybrid system .

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