Sale 125.52 / 1.3454 million yuan, Tesla P100D listing

    Recently, Tesla P100D models officially announced its two cars in which MOEDL S P100DL the 0-100km / h acceleration time of only 2.7 seconds. Also official also announced two new models in the domestic starting price, which MODEL S P100DL models starting price of 1.2552 million yuan; MODEL X P100DL starting price of 1.3454 million yuan. Currently, P100D series models, violent mode is mandatory.

Tesla P100D

"P100D series models Trailer map"

    Official said, MODEL S P100DL and MODEL X P100DL models 2.5 seconds 0-96km / h acceleration performance is second only to Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder models, but the latter two limited edition models, expensive and has been unable to buy a new car, compared to these two, Block 2 top sports car, the new mODEL S P100DL and mODEL X P100DL models have four doors, for five or seven passengers, as well as a huge luggage space, but only compared to the price under the former the tenth. So the official Tesla MODEL S P100DL model called the world's fastest accelerating non-limited edition production model.

Tesla MODEL S 2016 MODEL S 90D

"MODEL S 90D models in the sale."

    MODEL S P100DL models equipped with a new 100kWh battery, the mileage of up to 507 kilometers (US test method) or 613 km (European test method). Thus, the new car has also become far longest mileage of mass production of pure electric vehicles.
Tesla MODEL X 2016款 MODEL X 90D

"MODEL X 90D models in the sale."

    With paragraph 100kWh battery will also be provided on MODEL X models. Which mounted battery MODEL X P100D models, the official 0-100km / h acceleration time of 3.1 seconds to reach, so the car has become the world's fastest production SUV models. Mileage regard, MODEL X P100D models are up to 465 kilometers (American Society for Testing Methods) and 542 km (European test method). In addition, the new car with cash models, has for seven adults while riding 7 layout.

    Prices, the official also announced Tesla P90D series models have been booked but not to mention cars, consumers can revised new P100D series models through pay $ 10,000 (approximately RMB 66,460 yuan) difference. The cash P90D car owners can also pay $ 20,000 (approximately RMB 132,920 yuan) the price of its existing vehicle replacement 100kWh battery pack, but the car's 90kWh original must be recycled. But now China has not yet revealed Tesla P90D Series models already predetermined consumers how to modify the order and pay the difference of the specific details, we will also continue to focus coverage.

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