This should add a gasoline additive?

  [car03 car experience] Whether it is useful for the gasoline additive, has always been a very controversial topic, many media and netizens think it's just a gimmick, it is a waste of money, but it also had a lot of friends on its full confidence that the gasoline additive is vehicle eternal youth medicine. So what role does it in the end? Listen to me slowly come.



    Gasoline additive usefulness has been netizens hot issues, square players believe that there is a reasonable, they believe a gasoline additive to be effective, they believe that China's oil quality is poor, it should use a gasoline additive. Opposition players said that gasoline itself contains a gasoline additive, and even gasoline additive could clean out the carbon portion of the vehicle but may give cause some side effects, such as cylinder wall wear, damage catalytic converters and so on. The extreme athlete said that all gasoline additive are money making! So, how do you see it?

    From the effect, the additives are divided into two categories: adjustable octane and clean type. In this article, we discuss only additive for cleaner cars. (Except as expressly indicated can enhance octane additives, other additives are clean type)

● gasoline additive component

    Currently on the market a gasoline additive, mostly provided by the four major chemical companies dope then diluted deployment. These include: Afton (Afton), BASF (BASF), Chevron (Chevron) and Lubrizol (Lubrizol). Their main ingredients are mainly liquid polyether amine (PEA) or polyisobutylene amine (PIBA) composition, of which the most widely used, the best known was undoubtedly the main production PIBA (PIBA) and BASF mainly produces polyether amine (PEA) of the Chevron.


   In short, a lot of dope additive manufacturers do not produce their own, they were just "upgrade" on the basis of dope. In addition, the so-called original additives are also supplied by BASF, Chevron such chemical companies OEM products, cost is low. Multi mention that, from procurement costs, the polyether amine (PEA) of the purchase price is higher than the general polyisobutylene amine (PIBA).

● gasoline additives should not increase?

- There is no domestic gasoline detergent



    Also known as a gasoline additive gasoline detergent, our subjective impression of the role of this stuff is mainly a relationship with carbon, it is not wrong, but in fact there is a gasoline additive more great action - environmental protection. As early as 1999, China has released a set of "motor gasoline hazardous substances control standards" require listed costs for gasoline must be added to the gasoline additive that is directly fueling is "high with" by the year 2008, this mandatory requirement is canceled most commercially available gasoline are "naked oil", whether to add a gasoline additive is the user's own choice, freedom of choice for users who can not help but be a good thing.

- Poor domestic oil



    Poor quality of oil, produced by the relatively low octane gasoline, to increase octane number, it must increase the content of aromatics, olefins. And enhance the aromatics, olefins content of side effects that will increase emissions and increase the production of coke.

- Ethanol gasoline is more prone to carbon deposition



    Ethanol for gasoline, because the low temperature gasification of ethanol, while ethanol fuel injector is injected into the intake valve through the back, the back will cause the intake valve temperature is lowered, so that gasoline can not be fully atomized, leading to large gasoline molecular material is easy to form coke, which is easy to form coke in the back of the intake valve. It is not the use of ethanol gasoline will have to lower it irreparably? We have the answers below.

So Based on the above three points, regular use of a gasoline additive or necessary.

● How to choose a gasoline additive?

    According to the relevant research indicates polyisobutylene amine (PIBA) can of coke and coke intake system fuel system has excellent cleaning effect (inlet, valve, injector), but will increase combustion chamber deposits generation. While polyether amine (PEA) in effective control of the intake system and the fuel system of carbon soot generated at the same time, can significantly reduce combustion chamber deposits generated. That is, polyisobutylene amine (PIBA) can be cleaned inlet, valves, fuel injectors, side effect is to increase combustion chamber deposits, and polyether amine (PEA) belongs versatile player, inlet, valve, injectors, combustion chamber, almost all parts of soot has cleaning effect.


    In order to solve the polyisobutylene amine (PIBA) for the drawbacks of combustion chamber deposits, some additives manufacturers expect a small amount of polyether amine (PEA) in PIBA (PIBA) stock solution to achieve the role of cleaning the combustion chamber, it is undeniable, so It does have a role, because they can effectively alleviate the generation of combustion chamber deposits, but compared to the pure polyether amine (PEA) additives, most of these products can only control the generation of combustion chamber deposits, and for clean combustion chamber deposits effect is relatively weak.

- Ethanol gasoline is recommended to use a polyether amine (PEA) Products

    According to Chevron laboratory tests, prolonged use of ethanol gasoline will lead to an increase in combustion chamber deposits. Reason is that ethanol is an excellent organic solvent having a high solubility in cleaning feature that will scour some of the oil in the gum to the combustion chamber, resulting in the formation of coke can not complete combustion. So It seems that the use of ethanol in gasoline in areas not recommended PIBA (PIBA) products, because after addition of polyisobutylene amine, will increase combustion chamber deposits, may eventually lead to explosive combustion chamber deposits table!

- The correct method of adding gasoline additive?



    Many irresponsible 4S store will directly additive to the vehicle at the time of maintenance, the situation unfortunately if your fuel is low, the use of blended gasoline with additives may occur setback car, power attenuation. And because many models of the tubing is curved design, in the flush of gasoline can help mix the additive and gasoline, so use the correct approach is to be added at the time before refueling.

- Frequency of use of the gasoline additive?

    In fact, at this stage of the vehicle for coke has a high degree of tolerance, the engine computer will be more intelligent, even if a lot of coke will not necessarily cause a change in the driving experience, so I suggest that you add 1-2 maintenance cycle once.

- Touch the exhaust pipe turned black? What had you been fooled?



    I wonder if you have not encountered such a scene in the refueling oiler touch your car's exhaust pipe was found it was dark, it means a lot of carbon deposits in the engine and I suggest you use a gasoline additive. Little do they know this is just a marketing strategy, all vehicle exhaust pipe touch should be black, it can not objectively reflect the overall situation of soot within the engine.

- The use of additives have an adverse affect me?


  As the second-largest US oil company, Chevron business permeate all aspects of the petroleum industry, including oil exploration, development, refining, gasoline additives and oil products. Before this trip, I had a doubt, is a gasoline additive in the end will not damage the vehicle at the time of removal of carbon deposition it?






    Chevron additive dope factory laboratory, where a project is directed to additives endurance test. Their experiments say, an excellent additive in addition to good cleaning ability, the most important thing is to ensure the safe operation of the engine. Stage cylinder compression ratio is high, the cylinder at work, there will be a certain percentage of the exhaust gas after combustion into the crankcase, the oil pollution. Over time, the consumption of oil alkalinity, and ultimately affect the oil's lubricating ability and wear resistance, so they will be repeated, long test for this problem to ensure that the oil does not contaminate the gasoline additive.

to sum up:

    The above eloquent Having said that, if you read it carefully, you will learn some of the gasoline additive is indeed the "good medicine." On the one hand we can contribute to energy saving, but also can clean carbon vehicle restore the original performance, effort and worry. But still want to suggest that you buy a gasoline additive, targeted according to their own needs to choose, it would be better.

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