2017 released new Skoda Octavia imaginary figure exposure

    Recently, foreign media drew a mid-term facelift Skoda Octavia models imaginary figure, reported that the car will be officially released in 2017.

Skoda Octavia

    As a mid-term facelift, the new Skoda Octavia will be adopted before the new family face, the new car is extremely headlight shape personality, using a split design, the internal LED light source is used. Details, we can see that the car is equipped with a new rim, the rim style comes from the new Skoda speed to send.

    Foreign media reports, the new Octavia's interior design will have a greater change, the car will add a 9.5 inches LCD screen, and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, also has gesture control functions. In power, the car will be consistent with the current model, powered by a gasoline engine 1.0T, 2.0T diesel engines.

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