Sale 20.58-23.68 ten thousand yuan version listed six Touran L

    August 25, SAIC Volkswagen officially announced that six Touran L edition models officially listed. It is reported that the six Touran L layout will be an option in the form of the introduction of the optional configuration of a total of three models, namely 280TSI automatic version Shuya, 280TSI automatic Deluxe Edition and Deluxe Edition 330TSI automatic, optional Price the previous version of the optional seven agreed price of 6,000 yuan, so that six Touran L version of the price will increase based on the above three models guide price of 6000 yuan, the price range of 20.58-23.68 yuan. Price details please see table below:

途安L六座版 指导售价
280TSI DSG舒雅版19.986000
280TSI DSG豪华版21.9822.58
330TSI DSG豪华版23.0823.68

上汽大众 途安 2016款 途安L 280TSI 手动风尚版

    Touran L six edition models listed in this appearance with the current model remained the same, a focus on the layout of the car seat, the car will use the six seat layout 2 + 2 + 2, first second row side seats are designed with independent armrests, and have Esay Entry facilitating access function, front to back, turned and folded flat ISOFIX interfaces and other equipment, the optional package optional package name space Wyatt respect


    Dynamic aspects, 280TSI models equipped with 1.4TSI engine, maximum power of 150 horsepower and peak torque of 250 Nm, matching the 7 speed dry dual-clutch gearbox; 330TSI models equipped with 1.8TSI engine, maximum power of 180 hp and peak torque 300 Nm, matching transmission 7-speed dual wet-clutch gearbox.

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