Why foreigners are not allowed to start with the recommended SUV on the road?

    According to incomplete statistics, in 2015 China as the world's largest automobile consumer market, the annual sales of 24.59 million, an increase of 4.7%, which increased by 2.13 million SUV, the growth rate reached 52%. This shows that the market has become the most popular SUV models. Therefore, we not only see more SUV models on the road, and some had no SUV, high-end brands have begun to build their own first car SUV models. In fact, not only in China fiery SUV, consumers around the world are very fond of. But come 2016, foreigners began to cool the SUV, and many people have begun to recommend allowed SUV on the road, is this how it all about?


    The biggest problem is that SUV in city driving when handling and security is far less than cars. Granville Island in Vancouver, a woman driving a Ford SUV crashed into a convenience store directly, resulting in a 23-year-old store clerk died. If she was driving the car, it may not cause the death of innocent walls crashing clerk; a man named Anthony Grand Cherokee driving a car accident, and he died on the spot. If she was driving a Chrysler 300 with the price, the result is just a broken leg and not killed; Nigel Ram Subaru SUV driving on the highway hit a guardrail, but also directly caused the death. If she is driving the Cruze, so she would not have died ...... these cases will be living signs point to the SUV.


    Some experts also tell consumers that high SUV, it means that the site will have more blind spots, and because of the need to adapt to all-terrain SUV, so there is a problem in the distribution ratio body design, so driving in urban roads when, SUV comfort not only as good as the car, safety is far better than cars. More importantly, in order to drag the huge body, SUV's engine power was significantly higher than the sedan, so the speed is usually fast. Once the accident occurred, in the inertia SUV models severity of the accident is three times more cars.

    However, the major car dealer SUV models already invested huge sums of money, is now stopped completely unrealistic thing. Experts suggest that a Canadian car, SUV, a driver's license test should be separate, allowing the driver to open the car when the SUV can fully understand the different points on the driver's SUV models, reduce the incidence of auto accidents. According to a statistical report Canadian researchers show, SUV models the degree of threat to pedestrians is much higher than the car, because the body when the tall, slightly away from the eyes when the driver of the road ahead, it may cause a "zero vision" case, that is, when you are in front of an empty time, not knowing that beneath below your line of sight just a child.


    Since the SUV threatening, Granville Island Vancouver residents have signed a petition to ban SUV models in the region populated area in the city on the road to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the region. Subsequently, this proposal was echoed including Canada, the United States and other urban residents have also asked the Government to ban SUV into the city area. Although there is not a government position to adopt the proposal, but the face of people huge voice, it is time to cool down the SUV.

    In the country, SUV is popular, even many women have a soft spot for the SUV. The reason is that a larger SUV interior space, but also to open up overbearing, very face, but we also often see a variety of SUV serious accident occurs, the resulting trouble is worth pondering China's relevant bodies, in order to protect other vehicles traffic safety.

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