Expand the product line to respond to competitive or push BMW 7-Series two-door version

    Overseas media have recently reported that BMW is developing a two-door coupe version of the new 7 Series models. According to relevant sources, the new car is expected to be the fastest launch in 2019, its future competitors will lock Benz S-Class Coupe models.


7 Series Coupe imaginary map

    Currently in overseas markets, the BMW 7 Series in terms of sales is still unable to match with the same level of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. With the Audi launched next year with a new autopilot system whole new generation of A8 models, the 7 Series is also facing the situation will be more severe. Foreign media that, compared to the two rivals, the 7 Series has been lacking in highlights design and leading technology configuration, but the car can not be the same as the S-Class Mercedes-Benz offers two-door coupe, two-door convertible, as well as similar Maybach S-Class the long-wheelbase version of the model. Therefore, the introduction of the BMW 7 Series Coupé plan is a positive remedy.

宝马(进口) 宝马6系 2016款 640i双门轿跑车

"BMW 6 Series cash."

    However, according to earlier news, the new generation of the BMW 6 Series 7 Series will be based on cash employed CLAR platform to build and launch the party in 2019. Therefore, we can not help but wonder heart: the mouth of the so-called stakeholders is being developed in the 7 Series Coupé whether this is a new generation of larger size 6 Series? At present, we can not give the correct answer, you and we look forward to more information on the new car to get exposure. (Source: carscoops;)

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