New energy vehicles subsidy will shift to core technology or will face a new shuffle

    Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry has issued policies on new energy vehicles, causing the industry's attention and discussion. And Treasury officials also said the recent subsidies for new energy vehicles will be adjusted. Experts said that reducing subsidies, improve the access threshold is the trend, the new energy automotive industry will bid farewell to "barbaric growth," survival of the fittest usher in a reshuffle.

  Sales are the first in the world

  "Because of the green, environmental requirements, vehicle electrification whether at home or around the world, is an irreversible trend. In recent years, state subsidies to promote the development of new energy automotive industry, a substantial increase in the number of new energy vehicles, technology is also made great progress. "Director of the new energy automotive electrical systems engineering technology research center in Beijing, Jin electric technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., founder and chief technology officer Cai Wei said in an interview.

  Data show that China has surpassed the US as the world's largest electric car sales country, new energy automobile production and sales in 2009 from less than 500 before the development in 2015 of 350,000. 2016 January to July, China's new energy automobile production 215,000, 207,000 sales, an increase of 119.8% and 122.8%, respectively. 2020, the national new energy vehicle population will be over 5 million.

  "But subsidies also brought some negative effects." Cai Wei bluntly, "Our current subsidies include subsidies for the central government and local government subsidies. The central government subsidy of Pratt & Whitney, as long as it gave new energy vehicles subsidies, which resulting in a large number of enterprises herd, prone to shoddy. the local government subsidies are often accompanied by local protectionism. "

  Since the subsidy policy incentives and low barriers to entry, China's new energy automotive industry in the rapid development has also generated a lot of problems, such as repetitive construction, low quality, product homogeneity is serious, and even appeared in the case of companies cheat up.

  "Currently, the new energy automotive industry has developed to a new stage. With the increased production, lower costs, subsidies have a back slope of mechanisms, trade policies also need to be adjusted accordingly." Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics researcher Zhao British newspaper that.

  More mature sound policy

  August 2nd, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a "new energy vehicles carbon quota management approach (draft)." 12, the Ministry issued the "new energy automobile manufacturing companies and product access management regulations (revised draft)." Industry insiders believe that the two documents are policy-level scientific management automobile market signals, while improving the access threshold of new energy vehicles, while promoting the carbon quota trading market, aimed at establishing a more mature, more robust industry top-level system .

  "The new access rules to improve the business requirements, such as requiring a relatively strong business development capabilities, for all product lifecycle monitoring, and the cancellation of homemade chassis modified class production enterprises." China Automobile Industry Association executive Dong Yang, vice president of analysis said.

  Industry experts believe that with the increase barriers to entry, expected within two years to achieve the conditions of the new vehicle business is about 10, two years after the existing 119 automobile companies, about two-thirds of enterprises can achieve the conditions.

  "The new policy will be those who do not want to get into the core technology enterprise inhibit, prevent or cheat occur swarmed up behavior conducive to the healthy development of new energy automotive industry." Zhao Ying said.

  Subsidies steering core technology

  In fact, according to the policy previously announced, since 2017, the state subsidies for new energy vehicles will enter the retirement phase slope. On August 21 at the "2016 China Electric Vehicle Hundred, Summer Forum", Deputy Director of the Ministry of Economic Construction Department Songqiu Ling said the new energy vehicles subsidy policy recently will be adjusted from GSP to promote technology innovation and change.

  "GSP financial subsidies on the one hand is too much pressure, on the other hand the market is not conducive to the survival of the fittest." Cai Wei said, "subsidies should be used to support high-quality products and sophisticated technology research and development, such as motor, battery and other core technology can be heavily subsidized, because these technologies can promote the development of the whole industry. "

  Cai Wei opinion, the NDRC to promote carbon quota trading is a good direction. With the reduction in subsidies, new energy automobile manufacturing companies can be compensated through carbon trading revenue. Compared to financial subsidies, this market-oriented approach is more Forced enterprise innovation.

  China Electric Vehicle Hundred, director Chen Qingtai said that China is the world's largest auto market, and new energy vehicles earlier rose to national strategy, which created the conditions for the formation of new energy automotive industry globally competitive. "Subsidy guide will give way to a market-oriented, giving way to innovation-oriented. Survival of the fittest will be to strengthen the role of the real foothold, will be those enterprises with innovation ability, to master the core technology, brand effect." Qingtai said.

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