Trumpchi GS8 sale 16.98-25.98 Wan

  [car03 New cars]  At 10:00 on August 31, 2016, Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi officially announced GS8 in the domestic sale price, sale price range of 16.98-25.98 million, and announced 320T Zhaopin Deluxe Edition will be priced no higher than 190 000 yuan.


Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Yong passenger

Trumpchi GS8 2016

  Appearance, GS8 continuation Trumpchi 2.0 light sculpture design, the overall style atmosphere hardcore. Car front face of the classic "Gun-wing" grille, new-style LED headlamps also enhances the overall sense of the front face. The tail, the new car taillights with LED light with a design, and the use of two bilateral co-exhaust layout.

Trumpchi GS8 2016

  GS8 positioned in a seven midsize SUV, and with Trumpchi GA8 same C platform (CPMA) were build. In body size, the new car's length and breadth were 4810/1910 / 1770mm, wheelbase 2800mm, and uses a 7 layout.

Trumpchi GS8 2016

  Inside, GS8 internal use of cockpit layout surrounded by transversely across the center console shape the interior to create a spacious, comfortable viewing experience. Car center console using a variety of materials such as decorative wood and leather, highlighting the overall texture. Configuration, the new car is equipped with air conditioning zoning, lane departure warning, automatic parking, panoramic camera and terrain selection system and other functions, and for the first time equipped with the third generation of Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi Chi-linked interactive system.

Trumpchi GS8 2016

Trumpchi GS8 2016

Trumpchi GS8 2016

  As a mid-sized SUV, the interior space of the performance of Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi must have been a lot of consumers are very much looking forward. Edited from the previous experience, the experience of those who 173cm tall and got into the driver's seat, respectively, the second and third row to experience, in which the front and second rows of satisfactory performance, especially in the second row legroom reach fists and a half to reach the same level should have been. But the third row space in general, but after all, as a medium-sized SUV, body structure often determines third row of seats can only play a temporary emergency use.

Trumpchi GS8 2016

  Power, the new car is powered by a self-developed by the Guangzhou Automobile 2.0T engine (4B20M1), maximum power of 201 horsepower (148kW), peak torque of 300N · m, transmission aspects matching 6-speed automatic transmission.

Competitive Analysis:

Great Wall Motor Haval H7 2015 H7L Chang'an CS95 2016

  GS8 own brand as a mid-sized SUV, its competitors will be the same is not yet released its own brand and mid-sized SUV Haval H7L Chang'an CS95. All three models have a lot in common, have adopted seven layout and equipped with 2.0T engine, so the future will show three competitive situation. But Trumpchi GS8 are three models in the first listing, the car users also expressed a great deal of attention and intention to buy, so the new car competitors better able to seize market opportunities compared. As for how GS8 future sales, or to the market to test it.

● Summary full text:

    Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi GS8 first unveiled at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, the new car with the atmosphere of pure hardcore original appearance and sophisticated interior style attracted a lot of attention of consumers, but also for the Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi enhance the brand image. As one of the few Chinese brand among seven mid-sized SUV, GS8 blue ocean in the market which has been to seize the initiative, Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi GS8 how the final pricing, we'll see.

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