Spend money to install leather seats, with what skin?

    We talked about the PVC / PU leather, cowhide, leather floor, NAPPA leather and so on various types of leather,So these are the leather used in the car exactly where it? We explain each in accordance with the type of leather.

[PVC / PU leather will be used in the vehicle where it? ]

    The back of the seat or the back of the folder storage, most of the luxury cars are also such materials selection.

Door trim panels foreskin, most are also PVC leather, armrest is leather

    Alcantara leather in most cases will be in the position of use of the seat and backrest of the middle, because the two areas are directly in contact with the location, most of the frictional force is generated here.

    The first layer of coarse sticks to use as some of the wide, front seat, back seat, high version some luxury models even in the back seat also use the leather.

    In addition, such as the handbrake lever, armrest, door trim version of the vehicle can be found traces of leather. Can be said that everywhere the shadow of the dermis in the vehicle.

    To give you an example you can see that in the end the car with the number of leather: Rolls-Royce Phantom interior with at least 11 integral skin, which each of them is almost 36 square feet, is about a skin of one wall size.

Nappa leather I've seen the most use is on the steering wheel, steering wheel a lot of luxury vehicles are used such delicate touch of leather.

Talk so much leather car use, we began to talk about some other leather knowledge, you may find benefit.

[How to distinguish synthetic leather and leather? ]

Talk so much, we must be very concerned about how to distinguish between genuine leather and synthetic leather. Many people will say take fire, if you are willing to contribute seat to burn a burn, I'd also be willing to smell the leather, leather smell of burning.

Then burn does not work, in fact, there is a simple way to see the cross-section.

Cross-section to see? Or still do not understand? Do not worry, do good in the end I will give you complete support to move.

When pressed leather, fine lines will appear in the vicinity of the pressing position.

The PVC is you put it twisted together into a group, are not fine lines.

Pressed leather, to move forward, you will find leather being driven there will be ups and downs, the feeling has been separated from the lower layer of filler.

This is because the PVC leather and leather bag in the seat when the process is somewhat different, leather bag just above the filler, PVC leather and although there are some bumps, but can not feel separated from the subcutaneous sponge filler.


Figure: PVC leather seats

We can see and PVC leather sponges are completely bonded together, and leather seats although there are sponges, but definitely not stick together.

Finally, there is a way to judge a master - hand, do not make too much description, you will feel much understand.

[PVC why likely to wrinkle, crack]

First briefly about the PVC production process: fabric (fiber) - Foam (PVC) -pvc coating (PVC) - Thermoplastic (pattern), dyeing, embossed, polished, matte, grinding fluff like.

In the production process, you can see, there is a PVC artificial leather and fabric made of two different materials to explain its tensile strength, it is very easy to wrinkle after wrinkle together through all kinds of so far away from crack friction.

[Leather with a long time why the lights up? ]

Leather is animal skin, below the epidermis also contains fat, the skin surface after the wear and tear on the oil gradually show it. This phenomenon only on the shiny cowhide performance, there will not be shiny leather floor performance.

[Dermis is why the original fit, there are ups and downs of their own bag? ]

We should introduce a concept - car class.

Automotive parts suppliers are required to meet a variety of stringent certification requirements. Such as: ISO / TS16949 automotive industry technical specifications, ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and German suppliers also need to review the Ashkenazi multi auditing standards VDA6.3 process.

    And when in holster design has been made to feel and design considerations, how thick PVC coating, foam hair more thick, the whole PVC leather thickness is how much is required to perform in accordance with the standard depot. Many market foreskin leather shops are often not up to the standard production car with a grade of leather.

    Automobile manufacturers are currently chairs are modular whole job, leather seats, too. Cut into a predetermined shape, size, sewing stitches at specific locations. Now the market is through the seat foreskin than the original skin and foam molding, cutting after sewing. But OEMs seat cover designed to make use of computer technology, each splice surface (each module) leather and fit the shape of the foam made numerous adjustments.

    These two reasons led to the outside of the bag out of the store foreskin seat fitting degree worse than the original length.

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