The new family style, the new generation of Land Rover Discovery official figure released

    Recently, the Land Rover officially released a new generation of discovery (fifth generation) is the official figure, the new car will be officially unveiled this year on September 28.

Land Rover Discovery 2016

    As a Land Rover's classic cars, a whole new generation has been found abandoned square box body design, the new family style, it gives a very tough, had weakened the inherent style, the official will position it in a medium and large seven luxury SUV, while the new car will continue to provide all-terrain off-road capability.

Land Rover Discovery 2016

    Power, the current official did not disclose more information. According to foreign media speculation before the fifth generation or discovery will be powered by including 3.0L V6 supercharged engine, 3.0L SDV6 diesel engines, as well as by a 2.0L gasoline engine and electric motor plug-in hybrid system for consumer choice. For more information about the car, we will continue to focus on coverage.

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