Paris Motor Show starting Lexus NX concept car official map

    Recently, Lexus officially released a new official map concept car, the new car is named Lexus UX concept car, a luxury car located in the compact SUV, and will be opened this year, September 29 2016 Paris Motor Show world debut.


    Lexus car's styling by the European Design Centre, looks very sense of power, the Lexus family style is very strong, with a large number of complex lines were sketched, outside doors with fastback styling, giving the impression is very dynamic. Further car wheel eyebrow design highlights the whole body, with the use of dense strip spoke design wheels, looks great off-road style.

    The rear part of the new car uses a fastback design, integrated rear light clusters with LED light band styling, and very three-dimensional. Then bumper design very layered, and the use of two bilateral co-exhaust layout. Currently Lexus did not disclose more information about the new car, we will also continue to focus coverage.

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