Recommended Fashion Edition, 2017 Audi A4L car manual

  [car03 shopping guide]  As one of the most important of the 2016 generation models, the new Audi A4L and finally in September, the official launch. From the test article over 5000 comments of view, everyone is really a very high degree of concern for most mainstream luxury brand models. Faced with this high-quality products, Audi also gives a superficial price, and an option very much, which I really Analysis Which car is more appropriate.


◆ Little change in appearance

  Based on the new generation A4L MLB Evo platform to build, compared to the previous generation models it can be said that a thorough reform. However, a single on the appearance, perhaps the designers are very satisfied with the previous generation of styling, it gives freshness is not very strong, a major change from the lamps. Oh yeah, here, said that the new A4L front and rear lamps in addition to the minimum version is equipped with progressive LED light source (non-matrix), lamp factory We still good, is not it great.

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

Audi A4L 2017 40TFSI Audi A4L 2017 40TFSI

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

  New A4L body size compared to the previous generation has been growth in body length and width beyond the 3 Series and C-level opponents. Because of the waist, the new A4L looks less wider, increased mobility, more suitable for younger and younger luxury car brand in the consumer.



  The new A4L provides 8 colors for consumers to choose from, brown, red and blue colors are new, but I still feel white gold A4L looked temperament best. The wheels also choose from a variety of low with 16 inches, with 17 inches in high with 18 inches from 17 inches if entry from enough.

◆ significantly enhance the interior

    This upgrade of the most successful way to change the interior, are comprehensive upgrade from the texture to the design. It can be said that the same level of technology being the strongest interior, simple looking very good, and from the same platform Q7 similar style, gives us very strong freshness. Although not as good as C-class luxury feel strong, but stronger than the 3 Series has a lot.

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

  In addition to the design, use of materials has also been progress, especially the steering wheel, as compared to the previous feel a lot better, modeling has become more fashionable, this lift I love it.

◆ Interior significantly enhance

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

  Because the body and has a wheelbase increase, rear legroom than previous models increased slightly, but because of the impact of the panoramic sunroof, headroom has some influence, in general, the spatial variation is not great, and seat comfort there is no upper lifting, partly to keep the previous level.

● Power system greatly changed

  There are new A4L 2.0T high, low power two engines, corresponding to 45 TFSI and 40 TFSI model, matching is a 7-speed dual wet-clutch gearbox, from the parameter point of view it has a good performance, abandoned CVT after transmission, dual-clutch gives a sportier driving experience will be a number.

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI Sport Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI Sport

  After the actual experience of this powertrain is very satisfactory for the dual-clutch gearbox after I have concerns about congestion and the high-speed road ride experience, whether or not the shift speed has any concerns, do not move too slight break impaired driving quality, the powertrain changes very successful.

● model configuration analysis

    The new A4L were released two powertrain 6 models, all of which 40 TFSI two drive type, 45TFSI all four-wheel type, I personally feel that such a choice is not flexible enough, the latter should also introduce complementary models . To 29.98-41.28 million price point of view, basically the same with the two competing products, a slight increase over the old models.

◆ 40 TFSI aggressive

The official guide price: 299,800 yuan

    Getting started is the most aggressive type of configuration, from past experience, the luxury car brand in the entry models are very sought after by consumers, but also my personal 3 Series 2.0T entry-car owners, so for this level, the entry model comfortable configuration whether it is a measure of comparison of the whole cost of direction, we take a look at the price of 300,000 yuan to enter the low-power range 2.0T models, what does it base configuration.

Audi A4L 2017 40TFSI Sport

Audi A4L 2017 40TFSI Sport Audi A4L 2017 40TFSI Sport
『Monochrome meter, 16-inch wheels, xenon headlights

  Automatic air conditioning, with electric seats, sunroof as well as the multifunction steering wheel and shift paddles, this most entry in the new A4L comforts configuration has been good enough, and the same level of performance similar to the majority of the entry model, which belongs to based configuration utility level, the price for such a configuration can, because the screen size is not small, entry-buy model friend would not feel more LOW. But the appearance of a small 16-inch wheels and Xenon lamp is slightly reduced dotted, in addition to the configuration entry vehicle performance is satisfactory, the owner can be assured to buy it to buy, except people do not like the fabric seat outside, basic does not feel any large deletions on the configuration, can be considered.

◆ 40 TFSI Avantgarde

The official guide price: 339,800 yuan

    Configuring a high level, an increase in the selling price of 40,000 yuan, the second lowest in the past with better than low with more cost-effective, the configuration will be richer, but mainly in order to increase the practical configuration-based, we look at how this type of fashion kind.

Audi A4L 2017 40TFSI Sport Audi A4L 2017 40TFSI Sport
『LED headlamps, three-zone automatic air conditioning』

  Avantgarde configuration can be said to meet the basic needs, but also has leather seats, folding mirrors has also been, Internet navigation and ease of configuration and this increase has also been playable, I think it can meet our daily need, the only regret is that cruise yet, should be able to get through post-installation. With the appearance of the tire and the relative matching lamp factory mark LED headlamps, if no demand for technology configuration, then you can choose it. Compared aggressive prices 40,000 yuan price is right, this is my most recommended one full-line models.

◆ 40 TFSI fashion model / 45 TFSI Quattro fashion model

The official guide: 36.88 / 408,800 yuan

    Fashion model is a high-power version of the initial model, the overall configuration in the fashion type have increased. Because the configuration is the same motivation and drive form only difference between high and low power say I put together.

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI


  Fashion type Honestly for me this very practical oriented to attract consumers is not large, 29,000 yuan, while small, can be used like Beam Assist, surrounded by a combination of lighting packages, which are optional panoramic sunroof, Therefore, compared to 40 TFSI fashion model fashion model, I recommend fashion model, might reverse image and I am more concerned about the two cruise, you can achieve optional. The high-power models to buy friends, fashion and sports only two choices, no more entry configuration price down a little disappointed with the price of 408,800 yuan, the high-power four-wheel type would be a reasonable price, but There is no particular demand for power, then low-power enough.

◆ 40 TFSI Athletic / 45 TFSI Quattro Sport

The official guide: 37.28 / 412,800 yuan

    Sports is a full line of the most expensive models, but also the appearance and general kits are also versions have some differences, looking more handsome, but also in the kind of multi-optional sports package enclosed is not optional, the price is more than just a fashion model 4,000 yuan, which in fact can be seen as the top two with a bias motion a biased comfortable choice.

Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI Sport

一汽-大众奥迪 奥迪A4L 2017款 40 TFSI 运动型 Audi A4L 2017 45TFSI Sport
『Full LCD instrumentation, brushed metal interior』

  This brought 4000 yuan upgrade can be said for all, increasing the full LCD instrumentation, rear airbags, Sport Package, which one in which luxury brand pricing standards should be more than 4000 yuan, of course, less automatic anti-glare oak interior and exterior mirrors, not a big loss, to buy high with friends, it is recommended that you purchase this sport, especially high-power models, must come to this sport. But then again, even the top models in the high-tech configuration and comfortable configuration have nothing to play, need to rely on an option to achieve, which is the reason top with vehicle price is not high.

● Optional package

    Audi A4L optional configuration of the launch of the very, very much, the minimum allocation models can even choose to complete the highest allocation models, there are a lot of comfort and safety, science and technology are not standard configuration of the whole system, you need to choose their own equipment, the configuration has special requirements friends can click - configuration table view items and prices, because too much content is not presented one by one, and only a combination of several major option package on display.

    In these four combinations bag, for helping the largest traffic is driving assistance package, in addition to the minimum can be aggressive with the election, the price of 10,400 yuan, and there are side assist lane keeping some sort of probe columns, I think this option is worth, and usually will be a lot easier to drive. Seat heating needs friends the whole system can be selected individually, the price of 2,300 yuan, the price is reasonable, low with the optional winter package more affordable, the other configurations can be selected individually.


  The most recommended is 40 TFSI fashion model, it has LED headlamps, three-zone automatic air conditioning, navigation, intelligent network capabilities, sufficient to meet our daily use, and it will not look after the appearance of the wheels increases too low, we need to it has a practical configuration. Unfortunately, there is no exception reverse image and cruise control, two option price of 2,300 yuan and 1,800 yuan, if conditions permit, be able to buy the most appropriate fashion model plus two optional configuration version.

◆ Recommended: 4 stars


  Second recommendation is two Sport models, although they are not high enough to configure a variety of science and technology plus body, it is still reasonable compared to the price, like full LCD instrument configuration This increase car technology only it is a scalar Hotels. And the appearance of some of the more vicious than the regular version, if you buy a high-power version must choose the sport, only more than 4000 yuan fashion model, configuration upgrade more affordable, although all 4-star recommendation, I prefer 45 TFSI Quattro Athletic.

● sum up:

  Waited so long to finally launch the new A4L, that you do not know its price is not yet satisfied with it. Enhance the configuration and power on it compared to the old price of the overall rise, but still the lowest 2.0T models are also equipped to enter the 300,000 price range, plus Shipping cost is still pricey after, the whole system most recommended fashion type 339,800 yuan price in line with its own staffing levels, the others have a basic. A4L has a strong product strength and reputation, coupled with reasonable prices, certainly big sellers rhythm.

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