The 10 most vulnerable to theft of vehicles

10 models most likely to remember the stolen vehicle bought pilfer data from domestic Chinese Prudential, based on nationwide auto insurance information platform 2015 pilfer insured motor vehicle claims records.

1 Wuling Hongguang

Stolen number:820

    Wuling has served as a Chinese god car, hailed as one of China's and the world's best-selling car, the car is more popular among Chinese consumers, but this car anti-theft system and fragile high volume of sales, China car thieves love, whether it is to maintain large means Wuling sold scrap parts, vehicle sales are still very good shot, and stole up the road a good inconspicuous.

    The car no engine electronic anti-theft, it is very easy to steal, just like in the movies was the same. Wuling buy another lot will not buy pilfer, but does not stop paid parking, so the thief steal very smoothly, indeed the universe, God car thief favorites.

2 Honda CR-V

Stolen number:739

Honda cars have been the heart of China's brightest car thieves love, the same car was stolen number, CR-V ahead of all the joint venture vehicle, for reasons, one is to maintain large, good shot a good deal, fast turnover rate, which for stolen cars is very important, you have to steal a car thief Škoda Yeti, he was also guilty, hit the hands no nutrition Express can drink.

    Another one, is the habit of thieves stole the best start towards Wuling poor anti-theft system, CR-V is a set of anti-theft domestic long break, and that with the popularity of pirated Windows xp as car thieves, to steal a CR -V speed of about 20 seconds, piss effort, the car was gone.

    Good to steal good shot higher value, the second highest is not hard to understand, and sometimes is easily steal stealing habit, "so simple, you can steal, a Honda ~~." Rub, Man brother how sing out. Although macro-Wuling lost, but not a shame, worth CR-V's big ah, a top Hongguang four insurance companies car pilfer very easy to lose money.

3 Wuling RongGuang

Stolen number:358

    On the stolen Honda road and Wuling you fight me catch you grab two hundred forty-eight, my percentage of a Sanjiu odd-numbered mine is yours, to discuss good, right?

    Wuling Hongguang poor security, to RongGuang too, anti-theft locks points ABC, the worst is A? That should be the Wuling --A level, and this car just do not hang four or five 8 8 police generally do not bother to check, nobody cares that running on country roads, in line with the characteristics of this humble, to maintain large pull goods which require .

4 Honda Accord

Stolen number:326

CR-V is the most popular thieves joint venture SUV, that the Accord had been stolen cars are the most vulnerable, reason Well, Accord and CR-V are used in an anti-theft, CR-V was broken, Accord that is incidentally hands. Good reason to steal the Accord and CR-V, like, nothing different. Remember bought pilfer.

Beijing Hyundai Rena

Stolen number:298

Joint venture in the third most vulnerable to theft, Beijing Hyundai Rena, is a good representative of stealing, because that car theft is defective, the same situation will occur later in the K2, K2 and Kia car anti-theft system thief no equal, just lock the door hung a toy. 2014 models before the Rena, electronic anti-theft engine turned out to be optional, with a screwdriver can be stolen.

Chevrolet Sail

Stolen number:197

Sail to steal this car is good because this car is actually the bones Korea Development, so came to the same problems, the car has no engine electronic anti-theft, stealing a good degree of the same level Rena, do not think cheap no stolen car, half a minute thing, if there is a theft thief grade examination, Sail is the entry level.


Stolen number:150

If modern Rena problem is widespread, with the level of how that Kia will be good to go, Kia K2 topped the first seven stolen list, as there is no engine immobilizer, saying Kia K2 such a high mortality rate plus such a high theft rate, these thieves are not afraid of hanging himself inside?

Guangzhou Honda Crosstour

Stolen number:127

If the theft rate and ownership to see Crosstour should in the first place, then there is such a high point of sales by the number of stolen vehicles is not necessarily a niche no one steal, steal the key bullish bad. Steal Crosstour actually still need some courage, after all, not a good shot.

9 Wuling ZhiGuang

Stolen number:102

Wuling and front are the same problems Wuling ZhiGuang, not worth the amount we left chanting, there are a lot of crime is estimated to go when the car was stolen, lost anyway, which is not worth the money. Buy Wuling ZhiGuang only suffer a small business person.

10 Toyota Vios

Stolen number:101

Toyota Vios this generation is very typical of the generation of cost savings, of course, where money may not see the clear surface, too, it turned out to be the optional engine electronic anti-theft, saying how many people will buy Vios matching this thing. So Toyota Vios often become thieves patronize object.


Stolen Time: The vast majority of stolen time to focus on in the evening and early morning hours, mostly in the morning the owner of the stolen vehicle found stolen.

Stolen Location: mostly occurs in an unattended car park or roadside. So as to find a regular parking lot, or road monitoring (illegal parking other said).

Stolen Vehicle color: Vehicle white and gray, black, accounting for 2/3 of the total number of stolen, blue, green, purple. Too bright, garish colors like car thieves do not move.

Stolen vehicle age: generally concentrated in condition 3 years newer models, so you must buy a new car pilfer.

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