Obama's car in Hangzhou refueling staff and "Army One" photo

    Hangzhou during the G20 summit, US President Barack Obama's car striking. But if you want to "Army One" a photo, it is not easy. However, Hangzhou, there are a few "lucky", not only with the "Army One" came a cordial contacts, but also together a shadow, and instantly detonated micro-channel circle of friends.

    Sinopec Xiaoshan surplus gas stations Zhao, now is the head of the micro-channel and "Army One" of the photo, one hand still pressing the vehicle body. "After I made the circle of friends, an hour more than 100 points to receive praise, many people skeptical and asked if I was not really." He is just at the scene that day of volunteer service with a smile. "The car is at 15:00 on September 1 5 minutes to refuel, they are a total of 10 cars. Not too many oil plus, where two identical 'Army One' (Cadillac) each added more than 20 98 liters gasoline, a total of 10 vehicles plus six seven hundred liters. "Zhao said. There are four great Ford models are dual fuel tank, plus are 98 gasoline.

    Because oil is only a card, a total of 10 vehicles plus 45 minutes. "They're pretty straightforward and did not reject our photo with the car, each with three or four employees 'Army One' together a video, happy bad." Zhao said. Plus a good oil, the gas station employees also staged a small farewell ceremony.

    At 9:37 on September 4, 5 presidential motorcade vehicles appeared in Sinopec Hangzhou Moganshan Road gas station; 10:30 came less than three. "They are coming from the back of the gas station, at the beginning I did not know the US presidential limousine." Is responsible for car fueling station employee Li Hongyan, "and later after know, close the gun (gun oil), are careful firing of."

    "Master, is added to diesel or petrol? What number of oil?" "Oh, No. 98 ah!" This should be the most exciting of her life once refueling experience.

"Master, fuel treasure or not?" The most funny is the second car to refuel, because work habits, the phrase mantra blurted out. Two foreigners looked at each other, and discuss them translated.

"They asked, fuel treasure is what?" Asked the translation.

    "This is." Li Hongyan, as usual, pick up a bottle of introduction up, "you can remove carbon deposits, such as your car ...... Oh, no carbon, but you can also buy a few bottles back, so have a coke slowly use. "

Remarks immediately put them amused, a foreigner for her humor and attentive service points praise, and conveyed through an interpreter, he thought that the vial is something you can drink, did not expect the car to drink.

    "The first one 'Army One' Come on, the driver is active stall; second vehicle 'Army One' refueling, the driver did not turn off the start, I would remind him flameout" The whole refueling process, there is a female translation next translation, the exchange went smoothly.

"The first one presidential limousine plus 83 liters of gasoline 98, plus 88 liters a second vehicle." It seems the presidential limousine tank is not particularly big, huh 150 l, 200 l ...... ha ha. Most gas station employees surprise car has two fuel tanks, each with a No. 98 gasoline and 0 # diesel oil, which is really unheard of, ah, is this car has two engines?

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