Volkswagen engineer pleaded guilty in cheating scandal in emissions

12, according to foreign media reports, the US Justice Department said VW (Volkswagen AG, VLKAY) an engineer in the United States on Friday to play its emissions scandal role plead guilty, a wide range of investigations become awful in the first to be criminal prosecution of individuals.

Officials say, James Liang The engineers have agreed to cooperate with the United States in the ongoing investigation.

According to Friday's indictment, Liang was accused of conspiracy to defraud the US government and in violation of the "Federal Clean Air Act" (Clean Air Act). In a lawsuit before the, Liang has also been named a cheating device developers, the device-specific assistance Volkswagen vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions test.

Volkswagen has been conducting negotiations for a settlement related to criminal charges, and has agreed to pay more than 15 billion US dollars settlement related civil litigation.

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