Electric cars are rubbish? Not perfect but the trend is irreversible

  Recently, a kind of "electric cars are rubbish," saying in a micro-channel circle of friends crazy pass. Although most of the industry for their views laugh, but the high cost of electric vehicles, driving performance and safety performance is not satisfactory, charging inconvenient, range anxiety, battery decay and other issues, but do exist. So, what is the electric car is not "junk"? Our electric vehicles as a mainstream technology roadmap of new energy vehicles, and given the huge financial subsidies, this road is actually right?


  The biggest advantage of electric vehicles that lead the low-carbon technology, information, intelligence development direction

  "Hundred kilometers acceleration only 2.9 seconds, the kind of excitement and adrenaline surge comparable supercar ......" lift driving Tesla Model S P90D feelings, Lee seems to have lots to talk about. In his view, the motor torque curve is better than any one of the internal combustion engine, thereby bringing back a sense of lightness and calm push acceleration fascinating.

  The same fascination for electric cars there Biyaditang Owners Group's large number of "Di powder". BYD as "542" strategy first models hundred kilometers Don acceleration in less than five seconds, equipped with full-time four-wheel drive electric, one hundred kilometers fuel consumption of two liters or less. And according to BYD plan, the future will introduce hundred mph 3.9 seconds, 2.9 seconds and even models.

  The Vice Minister Yin Jun and eyes, the biggest advantage of electric vehicles, it is the leading low-carbon technology, information technology, the direction of the future development of automobile industry intelligence. "Electric car in the whole life cycle than conventional cars have better energy and environmental benefits." Yin and Jun said, to balance the increase in costs due to the lightweight materials result, the electric car can drive the large-scale application of lightweight materials. Further, as the best platform for intelligent, electric vehicles will dramatically change the future of mankind travel patterns.

  "Economist Jeremy Rifkin believes that renewable energy sources combined with Internet technology, the birth of the third industrial revolution. Electric cars with the Internet, smart grid, charging infrastructure network interacting with each other, we can build a collaborative network of car transportation energy information system. "Tsinghua University, Institute of energy Internet innovation policy Research Office, He Jijiang explained to electric vehicles as distributed energy storage terminals, according to the vehicle energy usage feedback, improve grid stability, promote wind power, large-scale solar power generation connected to the grid, is conducive to the integration of electric vehicles and smart grid development of renewable energy.

  For this reason, the response adjustment of energy structure, environmental protection, science and technology to cultivate future competitive advantage departure, the major developed countries will have new energy vehicles up to the national strategic level, in technology, market level introduced a number of strong measures. Deputy Director of the Ministry of Economic Construction Department Songqiu Ling said that this year, the States to support efforts to further increase - US government raised $ 4.5 billion in loan guarantees, to promote universal charging infrastructure, investing in the development of high energy density battery. The Government of Japan further clarified that by 2020 electric cars and plug-in hybrid sales of 1 million. The German government and industry began to learn Chinese, providing a total of 1.2 billion euros in subsidies to new energy vehicles.

  Electric cars also become the focus of multinational auto companies compete. Recently, Volkswagen Group CEO Mullen said that in the next 10 years will launch more than 30 models of pure electric vehicles, 20% in 2025, a pure electric car sales will be between 2 million to 3 million, of its total sales - 25%. Daimler has also been broke to re-introduce at least six models of electric cars in 2018-2024 between. Renault-Nissan group hopes in 2020 total sales of 1.5 million electric vehicles.

  Made electric car is not perfect, but the trend is now irreversible

  "Manufacturers label with mileage 253 km, I open up to 270 kilometers." Mention just purchased Geely Dorsett EV, who lives in the old Yanjiao Ho praise. Since the charging unit at home and very convenient, how old each day commuting more than 60 km, range anxiety does not exist.

  Reporters in the vicinity of Beijing Chaoyang Park encounter a long comfortable moving EV owners, his own car also very satisfied, "in April this year to mention cars, finished less than 150,000 yuan subsidy to open more than 50 kilometers a day, a week charged three times open the car with petrol nothing different. "

  Beijing Underground parking, a district library a Kai Chen Morrowind electric car owners are not so lucky. Since the underground garage fire code executed only for our current internal combustion engine vehicles, residential property does not allow loading charge pile, he can go next weekend, China Central public charging pile charged. "Fortunately, to work from the past, with one week on one charge enough." He said, "The trouble is trouble, but not always stronger than the car!"

  Mr. Zhang work in government agencies, recently it has been hesitant to choose which electric vehicles. "Optional models much, in line to see too many owners complained, I would like to wait and see, there is no cost-effective, safe and good new models listed."

  "Needless to say, the joint efforts promoted by central and local government and research sectors, the development of electric vehicles in China has made important progress." Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Secretary, Ministry of Dong that, first, to maintain the production and marketing rapid growth; the second is the vehicle key raw materials, batteries, motors and other basically achieved domestically, some products are exported, formed a self-controlled safety, a relatively complete system of new energy automotive industry chain; Third, technology has improved significantly, consumer You may choose to gradually expand the scope, vehicle performance dramatically; Fourth, industry, academia, research, joint development, joint research and development of innovative technologies to carry out patterns are emerging.

  However, the 2015 national automobile industry user satisfaction survey (CACSI) show that China's new energy automobile customer satisfaction score only 65 points lower than conventional fuel vehicles 14 points. Key user dissatisfaction include short battery life, long charging time difference trouble, body assembly quality, interior rough work, there is abnormal sound, complaining rate is 2.4 times the car's fuel.

  "It should be recognized that the current electric technology and an almost perfect fuel vehicles compared to the price is still low. If some important core technology no further breakthrough, the electric car will always be threatened by halfway." China Electric Vehicle hundred people chairman Chen Qingtai said that last year, new energy vehicles more than 1.5% year automobile production and sales of electric technology is gradually being accepted by consumers and the positive response of most pilot cities. However, "Overall, this is a policy-driven market, it has begun to appear unsustainable."

  Chen Qingtai said unsustainable, referring to the Starting this year, state subsidies began receding slope, until 2020, gradually withdraw. Nevertheless, the Chinese electric vehicle Hundred, executive vice president Ouyang Ming Gao believes that the development trend of China's electric vehicles has become irreversible.

  Data show that in 2009 Year - 2015, China's new energy vehicles in annual sales from less than 10,000, the rapid increase to 330,000 vehicles, the world's largest new energy vehicle market. 2016 January to July, the national new energy vehicles cumulative sales volume more than 200,000, an increase of both doubled. Among them, the pure electric vehicle production, sales were 162,000 and 153,000, an increase of 156.4% and 160.9%.

  The threshold should increase financial subsidies, policy guidance role of not less

  Earlier this year, car prices "cheat up" message of exposure, will present new energy vehicles subsidy policy pushed to the cusp. With electric vehicles in China from imported growing trend of industrial development, the development of electric vehicles into the power policy by the policy-driven to innovation-driven double transition, how to adjust subsidies, become the focus of attention outside the industry.

  Automotive industry veteran commentator Zhang Zhiyong believes that the original intention is to solve the financial subsidies of new energy automotive industry a high initial cost problems. As the market gradually enlarge the core component of the cost of the battery power has been greatly reduced, subsidies and even become a source of profit for individual producers, should significantly enhance the financial threshold for subsidies, subsidies and accelerated exit.

  Song Qiuling noted proven Pratt & Whitney fiscal policy to develop new energy automobiles primary market is effective, but long-term implementation of the policy, enterprise policy prone to addiction, "rickets", lack of technical development and product upgrades power and pressure, the blind expansion of industries prone to low levels.

  "Industrial development has entered a new stage, still play a guiding role of fiscal policy." Songqiu Ling also pointed out that China and other key components in the battery core technology is relatively backward, imperfect constraints consumer environment has not been fully resolved, new energy vehicles industry is still difficult to completely rely on the market to grow and develop. Especially in the current industrial competition, must continue to maintain industrial advantages, financial subsidies remain essential.

  It is reported that, except on the basis of raising the bar to adjust the financial subsidies, improve the subsidy standards, external sound regulatory system, to ensure that financial subsidy policy exits, new energy vehicles to support the intensity is not reduced, the authorities are planning to introduce a carbon emissions trading and other measures, by means of incentives and market forces Forced enterprises to put more resources into product development and innovation.

  "Although the Chinese brand of electric vehicles there is a gap in advanced technology, reliability, comfort and handling, etc., especially in the battery, the core components, electronic control technology, lightweight and intelligent continues to face a number of technical bottlenecks However, electric vehicles in China is still faced with a crucial window of opportunity. "Chen Qingtai that China relatively early to put electric vehicles rose to national strategies, a better accumulation, but also the world's largest auto market do support. Currently, the electric car industry chain are present a lot of room for innovation, which provides a rare historical opportunity for China to establish intellectual property rights in the electric vehicle industry, cultivate independent brands.

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