US luxury car sales charts in August

    American automobile market has just suffered "black August", light vehicle sales fell 3.5% to 1.511 million, the highest in seven years the biggest monthly decline. US luxury car market is also significant fluctuations occur in August, Lexus atop BMW beat Mercedes, Volvo XC90 with sales growth in the month to become the highest selling mainstream luxury brands.

Line three strong: Lexus win

    In August, the Lexus brand to reach 30,938 vehicles sold in the US market, though fell 7.6%, but it is the only month sales of more than three million of the luxury brand. We can say that Lexus sales volume decline was due to car performance of appetite (YoY drop of 23.9%); while the SUV performed better (up 9.1%), weakened the decline, and helped Lexus after February this year to lead again US luxury car market.

    The first eight months, the cumulative sales of Lexus in the United States is 210,392 units, down 5.3%, second only to the sales of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and beyond. In fact more than Ashkenazi Lexus luxury car sales is not accidental, before 2011, Lexus has long occupied the US luxury car sales crown, fourteen years Thirteenth rule the roost. After being overtake BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Lexus has released a new ES in the United States and a variety of SUV, occasionally win reproduction scene in sales in a single month.

    Mercedes-Benz ranked second in the month of August to 28,404 vehicles sold in the United States, was up 0.1% year on year, but the car's performance was mixed, with GLA and GLE were down there, especially GLA sold only 1,058 cars fell over 5 percent; and GLC and E-class has become the main growth. January to August this year, Mercedes-Benz sales in the US reached 219,704 units, ranking first of all luxury brand sales.

    Into August, the BMW sales are still falling behind. In August, BMW sales in the United States to 25,531 vehicles, fell 8.0%, the market noted that the decline in sales of its SUV models in the US market is the main reason behind BMW Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, the data show that in August not a BMW SUV car sales reached 5,000 units; August this year, BMW sold a total of 204,744 vehicles in the United States, fell 8.3%, with the gap widening to nearly Mercedes 15000, even behind Lexus.

Tier differentiation: Audi catch up line

    Line three strong years, a slight increase last month, only Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and BMW fell on foes. In turn, the leader of the second-tier brands Audi and Cadillac has maintained upward. Shift, August Audi and Cadillac has dramatically shortened the gap with the top three.

    Audi, for example, in August sales up 2.5% to 19,264 vehicles upgrade. Compared with the lowest of the top three BMW, which is equivalent to 75% of sales in August. The total sales of Audi in August before rising by 3.5% to 134,562 units, equivalent to only 66% of BMW. August Audi "catch up" momentum is self-evident.

    Prior to the German "Der Spiegel" newspaper pointed out that 2016 is the Audi products on the bumper, the new A4L has been delivered to Europe, North America, will re-enter the Chinese market. Future Audi Q2, and other products are also expected to follow. Just as before the US media speculation, Audi and Cadillac are expected to strive to become the US luxury car market in the first team, "the fourth pole."

    While Cadillac in August also similar Audi achieve an uplink, up 3.9 percent to 16,346 vehicles, but it was an 6.2% total sales decline, the cumulative sales of only half of the 103,918 vehicles BMW. This shows that in August the Cadillac at XT5 and other car driven by the momentum of the good, but the same line brand gap is significantly greater than the Audi. Next Cadillac SUV and other models will also release more, in order to boost sales.

    Acura and Infiniti two Japanese luxury car brand in August sales in the United States all the floating green, the cumulative sales, a decrease of ten Acura luxury brand most, Infiniti and only year-ago quarter. It should be said, the Japanese luxury car brand in the US market force is still uneven, Lexus have title hopes, but the other two in the second-tier midstream wandering.

Overall sales: After three are stable up

Although Lincoln, Volvo and Land Rover brands less than the previous scale in terms of volume, but in the new car, networking and campaign promotion, have achieved good growth.

    Especially Volvo month sales rose 30.9% for the top ten luxury brands in the highest growth rate. Down to the model, the second generation of the Volvo XC90 SUV flagship contribution. The car in April 2015 the first listing in the United States, since "Stars and Stripes of the country" as its largest single market. In August this year, the car sales in the United States have reached 21,760 units, accounting for total sales of 52,892 units of Volvo's share of four percent. This year Volvo XC60 XC90 even replace the best-selling brand in the US. This XC90 in stark contrast to the poor performance of China.

    Lincoln and Land Rover sales in August year increase of 7.0% and 15.4%, respectively, total sales increased 9.7% and 14.6% respectively.

    Taking these top ten luxury brands in the United States in August, total sales of 168,100, representing a slight decline of 1.0%. Cumulative sales of 1,238,900, down 1.6%. As previously forecast McKinsey and other institutions, the Chinese market in the future there may be more than the size of the US luxury car sales, but basis for determining the volume and the United States luxury car brand is still contested.

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