Small-displacement supercharger with a large displacement hybrid who is more fuel-efficient?

    A car is not out of trouble, the problem has always been very concerned about the consumer. Currently in addition to new energy vehicles, vehicle fuel solutions in general is nothing less than two kinds. First, hybrid, Toyota is represented by two small-displacement supercharger, the European brands favorites. United States and Japan is one of the favorite hybrid, one of Europe's specialty small-displacement supercharger, do not stand to see the stands Found, who are more fuel-efficient at the actual scene? Ask a question we must solve, this time we got two representatives.

    We all know that Toyota's hybrid system is very fuel-efficient. Motors and generators, the use of electricity and mechanical energy can be converted into each other's characteristics, the power produced by the engine to achieve peak load shifting. This is the Toyota hybrid system unrivaled in the world to obtain fuel consumption advantages (of course, is by far, the Honda Hybrid a big wave is on the way) roots.

    But also because such properties, Toyota's dual-engine systems for urban stop and go, that is, the rate of low load conditions change frequently, compared to traditional power system, and indeed can greatly improve fuel economy. But for the constant speed highway, which is stable under low load conditions, due to the long-term operation of the engine, the advantages of the dual-engine becomes small. Then 1.8 base displacement Corolla dual engine, running high-speed fuel consumption How much?

    To say that the measured fuel consumption of a car, perhaps too one-sided, so fuel consumption can not explain at what level. So we pulled to a challenger to do reference. Challenger ill intent, is equipped with a PSA 1.2T engine Dongfeng Peugeot 308S.

    Pair developed under the guiding ideology of miniaturization three-cylinder engine, though small, technical content it represents a more advanced level. Direct injection system can provide 250Bar (common to the industry 200Bar or less) injector atomization pressure to make gasoline more fully, eccentric camshaft pulley, reversing balance shafts and other measures to curb the operation of three-cylinder engine jitter, low-friction material variable displacement oil pump, thermal management system and a series of new technology, are designed to improve the efficiency of the engine.

    Small-displacement turbocharged engine, it can be said that in response to the product of a low load conditions emerged. Talking, that is, small-displacement turbocharged engine uniform highway fuel consumption, equal power than the naturally aspirated engine to be good.

    The other hand, coming back to Corolla dual engine, the characteristics of the hybrid power ECVT separation mechanism determines, after the vehicle speed is higher than 80km / h, the engine will start. That is the whole highway down, dual-engine system, the engine did not have to break in. Two cars fight is the thermal efficiency of the engine.

    Way to test carried out according to standard procedures the new car assessment network has been performed. Before departure involved in the testing of both cars fuel to jump the gun and start. Passing through special route we have been using, and from the total mileage of 106 km, which includes 96 kilometers of pure high-speed sections, and antegrade urban road about 10 kilometers. Fold back to the original station (excluding the impact of the wind and altitude difference), come again to jump the gun, the added amount of oil is consumed in this test the fuel. During the test, the air conditioning to a minimum temperature, minimum air flow, open economic model, do not use cruise control.

    Just starting stage, because it is the urban sections, there are still some sections with shifting needs. This time Carola dual engine fuel consumption control very well, the motor and engine tacit understanding, smooth acceleration, deceleration and can store some electricity, has been able to significantly car fuel consumption, "repression" in less than 5L / 100km.

The sections 308S little disadvantage, the rhythm becomes small displacement turbocharged engine of "weakness." 1.2T turbo engine also often need to use that period of awakening, have enough power, fuel consumption remained at about 7L / 100km.

    But after entering the highway toll station, 308S starts getting better, the car was fuel consumption began to fall down the bass bass. Both cars of about 100km / h speed forward (do not open the whole cruise), 308S 6-speed gearbox, the engine cruise speed fixed at around 2000rpm, the cruising speed, and most of the 7-speed market dual-clutch gearbox is very close, compared with CVT gearbox type up about 200rpm.

    Corolla dual engine because there is no tachometer (engine speed can not reflect the work of the state power system, to the useless), we can only know when 100km / h cruise, the entire power system at a low load state, but this time the subtle infiltration tell us car engine sound, the engine is working.

The process has nothing to say it, anyway, is the two of us drove all the way open, and occasionally share with their fuel consumption information. Midway transfer point transfer opening two driving style "equal distribution" to ensure that fuel consumption results from personal driving style interference.

    And finally back to the gas station, used for refueling and departure with a gun, come to jump the gun. 308S added 5.26L gasoline engine Corolla double added 4.79L gasoline. Final results of the conversion, 308S calculated fuel consumption is 4.95L / 100km, fuel consumption and vehicle was highly consistent. Corolla dual engine fuel consumption is calculated 4.50L / 100km, and 4.3L / 100km fuel consumption of the car was more obvious discrepancies.

    But finally Corolla dual engine with weak (we thought the gap will be even greater) of the winner. Large displacement beat small displacement, although the use of a dual-fuel engine name to PK small-displacement supercharger, a little not elegantly. But the measured results do not necessarily illustrate the large displacement ratio of small-displacement oil costs, according to the engine displacement to define the level of environmental protection brick home, you can wash sleep.

    For this result, we can make the following analysis. First, the internal combustion engine using a double Atkinson cycle, which features higher thermal efficiency has been verified; secondly, due to the cancellation of the traditional transmission, power transmission line is simplified and more efficient power transmission system of double engine; third, the situation encountered when climbing and downhill, dual engine system as usual load shifting, maximizing the use of force.

Came to the end, we can draw the following guidance for car:

1, small-displacement supercharger is indeed a high-speed cruise weapon;

2, two fuel-efficient engine system run high-speed amplitude, far lower than the urban areas especially in congested urban areas;

3. Based on the above, if you are driving traffic congestion in urban areas is mainly Toyota hybrid is recommended; if you are driving in road speed, uniform-based, small-displacement supercharger fuel consumption is equally impressive.

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