J.D.Power was acquired this list you believe it?

    According to the "Automotive News" reported that, under Chinese background XIO Group has announced September 8 to complete the US auto evaluation organization J.D.Power acquisitions. As an automotive quality and reliability of automotive consumers research evaluation organization, J.D.Power though highly influential in the world, but in the Chinese market has been plagued by controversy.

    With JDPower with people, "surname", and some analysts believe that, "China will not only grasp the mouthpiece of American consumers, as well as possible to JDPower fight with Chinese characteristics," China survey 'mode, and a change in its original some of authenticity. "

China and the US are different

    April 15 this year, Maige Xi Finance (McGraw-Hill Financial) announced a $ 1.1 billion (about 7.119 billion yuan) price to its automotive sector rating JDPower sold XIO Group in this transaction local time on September 8 formally completed.

    New owner XIO Group was founded in 2014, private company headquartered although in London by served as Asia-Pacific alternative investment strategy team leader in the world's largest asset management firm Blackrock (Blackrock) Group Joseph Pacini representatives and Chinese people Athene Li jointly established. However, since the main operations located in China, Hong Kong and with offices in Shanghai, it has a solid background in the capital.

    In addition to the global market has a very high impact, but in the US market, J.D.Power even considered to be the most authoritative assessment of the car body. As previously J.D. Power issued the "2016 US vehicle reliability research report" shows that Lexus ranked first, Ashkenazi top three also made the list, such a result in line with many consumers for this investigation expectations. However, such results have "accepted" only exists in the United States.

    But J.D.Power situation in the Chinese market is different from the US market, and even voices of doubt have continued.

    2015 J.D.Power Asia Pacific announced the "2015 China vehicle reliability report" after, we have to point the finger at the contents of this list, and even "buy list" "top" and other sound came.

    Especially for the suffering "discharge gate" incident last year, Volkswagen actually topped the list for the second, which raises questions about the media and consumers. As we all know, "discharge" incident almost to the brink of bankruptcy mass, plus the mass of broken shaft, gearbox and other quality problems in the Chinese market uproar, became one of the reliability ranking "the most likely" inevitably raises the vehicle " imagination. "

    Even overseas JDPower always bottom of the rankings reliability of MINI, the Chinese version JDPower ranking turned out to be the first, the other hand, the fourth consecutive year gains of America's most reliable car brand Lexus in the country's reputation of reliability performance has been very good, but in the Chinese version of the JDPower rankings, even he failed to appear in the top ten list.

    Subversive result is caused by its often-criticized domestic root causes. That is why in the US market J.D.Power credibility and Chinese market, "worlds apart" mean?

    It is understood, JDPower in the country and a completely different method of investigation in the US market, the majority of domestic adoption in the streets blocking the way to investigate, and method of investigation in the US market is to get a list of owners from third parties, by mail questionnaire approach to data collection.

    Thus in selecting the survey sample, the former prone to error, the latter in the number of samples of the brand may be substantially consistent. The survey method is applicable in the United States may not be suitable for Chinese consumers, faced with a dozen pages questionnaire relates to age, gender, income and other sensitive information, almost the majority came to nothing.

    Analysis of the industry, "a number of factors caused the JDPower in the Chinese market 'credibility' has been controversial, and with its 'changed hands', in particular, to have a Chinese background, business executives, the real list and reliable channel will be greatly reduced. "

Questioned or believe?

    For JDPower controversial in the Chinese market, its Asia Pacific Vice President and Managing Director of China, said Mei Songlin, JDPower position is "through advanced research techniques and analytical models to provide enterprises with deep professional analysis and industry insight" whose profit model is to sell research reports to car brands, car brands than receiving money to write a report.

    But more and more consumers are being represented J.D.Power some car brands "top" and for these car brands "speak good words." This is also an important reason for the identity of the country J.D.Power impartial third-party platform facing challenges.

    After all, in the list of top-ranking J.D.Power addition to give car manufacturers bring in huge profits, but also becoming an achievement for its propaganda. Have learned from the current situation, such as Audi, Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Fengshen, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan, Changan Ford and many other brands will J.D.Power ranking list itself on the consumer awareness content.

    While some car companies do not have to spend a huge hit, to J.D.Power "recharge" but does not mean not to use some other way to improve the ranking as a bright spot in the market to spread, in order to guide consumers. Furthermore, since J.D.Power is "the industry's world-famous," the research firm, the vast majority of car brands itself is also more emphasis on the findings of its release.

    There have been media broke the news, a Japanese joint venture company in October 2012 internal document "on the Suzhou area in 2012 operating expenses charged J.D.Power investigation notice" and "aftermarket J.D.Power regional associations to promote the work area in Suzhou Great" outflow. The joint venture in order to achieve a nice position in J.D.Power survey, had its Suzhou dealers charge "operating fund" and to do so more than once.

    With XIO Group completed the acquisition of JDPower, JDPower CEO Finn O'Neill said in a statement, "This company is very exciting. We are joining a company to accelerate the pace of development, strengthening competitiveness and global market expansion of the company. the company has the resources and the impetus we achieve these goals. "

    As for the future development of JDPower, XIO group chief executive Joseph Pacini said that "through appropriate management tools, introducing the JDPower areas not previously covered as well as some high-growth areas, which for both sides will be a kinds of opportunities. "

    In addition to the opportunity, in fact, for JDPower is more of a challenge, after all, has always been very good when "honest" as the criteria for when people began to control the "authenticity" as the core JDPower, exactly how much credibility , only to see their next mode of operation will be adjusted and whether the data provided is true and accurate with a reference value.

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