Sale 28.8-68.4 Wan new BMW 3 Series listed

    September 19, 2016, officially announced the new BMW 3 Series BMW officially listed, the new car launched carrying 1.5T (triplex) /2.0T/3.0T a total of 11 models of three engine options, priced at 28.8- 684,000 yuan. Price details please see table below:

BMW 3 Series Standard wheelbase MSRP
318i 时尚型28.80
320i M运动型32.00
330i M运动型45.20
340i xDrive M运动型(进口)68.40

BMW 3 Series long wheelbase MSRP
318Li 时尚型30.99
320Li 时尚型32.59
320Li M运动型35.39
320Li 豪华设计套装37.99
320Li xDrive 时尚型34.99
330Li M运动型43.09
330Li xDrive 豪华设计套装48.69

华晨宝马 宝马3系 2017款 318Li 时尚型

华晨宝马 宝马3系 2017款 318Li 时尚型

Pictured with the new BMW 3 Series 318Li Avantgarde

    The new BMW 3 Series in the name of respect of some models have been adjusted, including cash BMW 3 Series 316i / 316Li model name changed to 318i / 318Li, 328i / 328Li changed to 330i / 330Li in new models, so the new car tail logo has also been uniform adjustment. In addition, the new BMW 3 Series 318i / Li models a single exhaust outlet diameter increased from 70mm to 75mm, 330i / Li-sided double-through exhaust port diameter increased from 65mm to 70mm, 320i / Li-through by a single unilateral upgraded to a double-sided exhaust vent.

华晨宝马 宝马3系 2017款 318Li 时尚型

华晨宝马 宝马3系 2017款 318i 时尚型华晨宝马 宝马3系 2017款 318i 时尚型

    Configuration, the new BMW 3 Series models in some increase in natural speech recognition system, the new iDrive interactive interface ID5, wireless charging and Wi-Fi hotspots and other functions, and for the first time introduced the M sport package in the long wheelbase models, and adds four-wheel drive version of the model in the 320Li fashion model.

华晨宝马 宝马3系 2017款 318i 时尚型

    Power, the new BMW 3 Series equipped with the new B series engines, which use B38 (1.5T- triplex), B48 (2.0T) and B58 (3.0T) engine replace the current model is equipped with N13 (1.6T- four cylinder), N20 (2.0T) and N55 (3.0T) engine, transmission has been improved to match the 8-speed manual gearbox.

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