Geely concept car unveiled at the same time L brand October 19 release

    Recently, we learned from the official Geely Automobile, Geely and Volvo of Sweden will be local time on October 19 jointly issued a new L brand, which will be the future of the Shanghai Volkswagen joint venture brands such as major competitors. During the launch event brand, Geely also announced the brand's first concept car, reported that new car or SUV models, based on CMA platform to build.


    Geely president Conghui told domestic media interview, he said, L brand will create include compact car platform based on CMA, in the car and SUV products. From the point of view before the exposure plan, L brand will be put into CS11 (sedan), CX11 (SUV), CC11 (crossover) and CH11 (hatchback), including a variety of models, which will be the first production car is a SUV models. For more information about L brand, we will continue to focus coverage.

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