Difficulties and hopes coexist, autopilot far away from us?

 [car03 technology]  Nearly two years, with a variety of smart phones and home appliances slowly spread, became a self-driving cars around in the automotive sector very hot topic. With the number of car prices will "autopilot" technology running after production car to use, more people might want to know what is the autopilot? Autopilot now really achieve? Which autopilot through technical means to achieve it? Today we'll have you covered these issues, allowing you to see what true autopilot and autopilot in the end far away from us?


● What is the autopilot?

    To understand what is really autopilot, then we must first figure out what the definition of autopilot is like. Currently the technical definition of grade autopilot, there are two authority NHTSA (National Highway Authority) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), respectively, issued a definition of the various levels of the autopilot, which NHTSA will autopilot into the 0-4 the five levels, and SAE will autopilot into the six levels of 0-5. After our visits and exchanges, for most car firms tend to use a more detailed classification SAE standard, the following table is the SAE standard autopilot different levels of definition:

    SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) on autopilot classification defined 0, no automatic full operation of the vehicle by the driver, can be complemented by warning and protection systems. Level 1, the driving support provide support to the steering wheel and ramp in an operation based on driving conditions, other actions operated by the driver. Level 2, partly automated to provide support to the steering wheel and ramp in a number of operating according to the driving environment, other action is operated by the driver. Level 3, conditional automation by the autopilot system to complete all the driving operation, the driver system according to a request to provide appropriate responses. 4, highly automated by the autopilot system to complete all the driving operation, the driver may not be requested according to the system to provide response, defined road and environmental conditions. 5, is fully automated by the autopilot system to complete all the driving operation, the driver in the takeover possible, is not limited to road and environmental conditions.

    As can be seen from the above table, the real autopilot, paragraph 5 is fully automated, the driver of the vehicle may not have any control of the situation by the vehicle operator to complete all driving programs. In other words, after setting a destination on your car is good, you can sleep in the car until the vehicle arrives. So now on the market are selling the vehicle does not possess true autopilot function.

● currently on the market the more famous "autopilot" system

◆ Volvo's second-generation Pilot Assist automatic driving assistance systems

    In what is needed after the autopilot, let's look at the vehicles now on the market the more famous "autopilot" system. The first is security known Swedish luxury brand Volvo, in early August this year launch of the 2017 Volvo XC90 is equipped with a second generation Pilot Assist automatic driving assistance systems, in fact, the Volvo Group's research and development of driver assistance systems as early as ten years ago it has started. Since the beginning of the founder of the brand will establish "safe" as a repairer of the Volvo brand DNA, so for decades, Volvo's engineers have been focusing on how to make the occupants even safer for pedestrians constantly doing this topic efforts.


  Well known to the security provided by Volvo "autopilot" system, what exactly is it? In conversation with Dr. Gu Jianmin China, R & D Director of Volvo Car Group, Dr. Gu at the outset to correct my words, he said that Volvo is now offering just automatic driving assistance systems, rather than the autopilot system. Dr. Gu clear that Volvo now offer products only in the SAE standard level 2, that is partly automated.

    While the 2017 models XC90 can provide automatic with the car, lane keeping and automatic braking and other functions, but still needs a driver has been involved in the control of the vehicle, it is not called the autopilot, can only be called automatic driver assistance systems. And the English name of the system is also clearly expressed in the "secondary" meaning. So this system is how to run it?




    While the vehicle can be seen to have some "autopilot" function, but the system will intervene to force the driver to control the vehicle, so Volvo's second-generation Pilot Assist The automatic driving assistance system is very typical of SAE grade Part 2 automated "autopilot" system.

◆ Tesla Autopilot

    Tesla mentioned, people keen eye for fashion and technology, certainly not unfamiliar, since the birth of this since people talked about car brands, although history is very short, but in the automotive world whipped up a whirlwind of electric vehicles. With the 2015 launch of the upgraded software version V7.0 debut of Autopilot system is the first to complete a so-called autopilot system, but this year several accidents caused by the Autopilot system will allow people to "Auto driving "technology for the first time have been questioned.


  Before Tesla released Autopilot system, "Autopilot" This word has been civil aircraft autopilot name, but also as a technology company, Tesla at the beginning of translation in China to promote the Autopilot system used to direct the autopilot, so the name brings to many people misunderstand that Tesla MODEL S have fully automated driving capabilities. But in the late Tesla has been translated automatically change driver assistance, but also as an acknowledgment of Autopilot system does not have the ability to fully automatic driving.


  Now after the official explanation, we found Tesla Autopilot system alarm sound is not as Volvo Pilot Assist system as there is a fixed time set by a number of factors but the vehicle environment traffic, curves and other comprehensive judgments, and the biggest difference is that, after the alarm sounds, Autopilot system will not be forced to withdraw, but will continue to be in working condition.

    Although Tesla Autopilot system and Volvo Pilot Assist system is in use logically some of the more obvious differences, but it is certain that they are at level 2 under section SAE standard automated "autopilot" system.

Bottleneck 2 autopilot technology development

◆ Mobileye Company

    Volvo Pilot Assist system and Tesla's Autopilot system, although there is a clear in the use of different styles and settings logic, but the two systems are based on Mobileye company's hardware to complete the automatic driving assistance functions. Many people may not have heard of Mobileye company's name, because it is not a production car company, but a company from Israel to provide advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and second-tier suppliers to solve the autopilot program.

    Mobileye hardware solution consists of three parts, a front camera, millimeter-wave radar and ultrasonic sensors. By working together these three components to complete the automatic driving assistance system operation and data acquisition.




  Although Volvo and Tesla are using Mobileye's products, but because of its own brand of automatic driving assistance systems to understand the different, or different needs, resulting in Pilot Assist System and Autopilot system will show a difference in the latter, it's like the same parts suppliers through an adjustment may behave differently from different vendors, like the automotive industry chain, a very common situation.

● bottleneck autopilot technology development

    Now since some manufacturers introduced "autopilot" system are in the SAE standard level 2 partially automated stage, so from level 2 upward lifting bottlenecks and which do?

◆ HD map

    First, restricting the "autopilot" technology development is to provide high-definition map. If you want to achieve a higher level of autopilot classification, it requires a corresponding reduction in the frequency of the driver's vehicle operation. This will predict and familiarity with the vehicle on road conditions improve to a new level. Only vehicles with energy before the camera and millimeter-wave radar before traveling road, including road signs and lane signs and other information to identify and analyze in advance, be possible to do this.


  HD maps using the present situation there is difficult in three areas. The first is approved by the state government, because high-definition map data mapping will involve some of the more sensitive areas, and disclose such data are likely to pose a threat to national security, so only open a high-definition map of mapping, possible talk about how to overcome the difficulties on other aspects of high-definition map.

    Second, high-definition map mapping requires a lot of upfront capital investment. Mr. Wu from the introduction of high moral map has worked according to high moral map founder and Audi has been mapped with internal roads in a district of Beijing high-definition map, this one small area will cost more than 20 million yuan of funds, thereby If you want to be seen throughout the city and even the country road mapping definition map, upfront capital investment would be an astronomical figure, but this investment for any company large sums of money is a hard shoulder.


  Finally, after two current difficulties are overcome, after a few years it has begun to take shape mapping definition maps can be put into use, but because of the cloud of the map data will be a big middleweight, and now the data for now transfer speed is certainly not meet the requirements of such a large magnitude timely transmission of data, so a threshold faster network transmission is the use of high-definition map.

These three storm just a few block definition maps using the most obvious obstacle, the latter may also encounter some other sudden problem, so the use of high-definition map of the current situation is still difficult.

◆ laser radar

    Compared with the millimeter-wave radar and camera widely used, the advantages of laser radar lies in the distance measurement accuracy. Since the laser radar with high angular resolution, the system can provide information on the minimum spacing between two adjacent objects more accurately, so that reduces the degree of operation of the system background, but also improve the accuracy of the calculated results.


  So look for a reasonable price, and better than the millimeter-wave radar detection range and camera effects a radar system is a difficult constraint where "autopilot" system. Currently, some suppliers such as Valeo announced the news that they have future plans to offer a range ahead of the vehicle can only detect a laser radar, so it can reduce the cost of laser radar in reduced product volume at the same time. Maybe when that day's product launch, "autopilot" technology will therefore achieve new breakthroughs.

● New Market Age autopilot

    Although it is popular broader "autopilot" system is still in the second grade, but some areas of the market vendors have focused on a wide range of popular art autopilot after the future. According to Sinclair, general manager of China Unicom duo Chi Network Technology revealed that the current contract with China Unicom Chi Network Technology car prices have reached as many as 36, while China Unicom Chi Network Technology is also aimed at the future of this great automotive market interconnection.


  Car interconnected in the future will certainly be a variety of forms, in a real autopilot era, people in the car since it does not need time to drive, it will create additional consumer market, which is the network of China Unicom Chi science and technology concerns and look after the autopilot onboard Internet era it a "big cake."

● Another Voice: Unmanned

    With the development of technology autopilot, another intelligent driving scheme has also been concern that the low-speed driverless vehicles. One of the most well-known to the number of Jingdong Group unmanned vehicle plan. Jingdong Group plan to solve the problem of future products delivered by unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned tanks, unmanned vehicles and their plan is a kind of low-speed driverless transport vehicles.


  If in the future the low speed unmanned vehicle can really replace those courier riding electric cars speeding around the little brother, maybe the complexity of China's urban road traffic would reduce the number, the autopilot may also benefit from this technology and to achieve it early .

Editorial comment:

    From this perspective the real coming of age also need the autopilot is not a small period of time, but we should express optimism, after all, more and more good news that human farther and farther down the road autopilot technology. On certain roads in Gothenburg, Sweden next year, we will see Volvo Drive Me series vehicles with fully automated driving functions for public rental use, and this plan will gradually in London, the United States and certain cities in China to expand the UK. The download will open in October, Tesla V8.0 launch vehicle system, the Autopilot automated driver assistance systems also will usher in no small innovation. Despite the difficulties on the road autopilot technology development, mankind has not stopped the pace of exploration want to achieve autopilot determination has not wavered. Development of each new technology requires a period of time, a process, which we should have confidence in the future one day we will travel traffic because of the arrival of the autopilot and become more comfortable and safe.

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