Sold 107,800 yuan from the FAW Toyota Corolla new listing

  [car03 New cars] September 28, 2017 Faw Toyota Corolla official launch, the price range of 10.78-16.08 million, the new Corolla launched a total of three displacement of 12 models. One of the most eye-catching is the new 1.2T turbocharged engine products to become the main sales model, but still retains the two 1.6L / 1.8L naturally aspirated engine models.

FAW Toyota Corolla 2017 1.2T CVT GLX-i

FAW Toyota Corolla 2017 1.2T CVT GLX-i

FAW Toyota Corolla 2017 1.2T CVT GLX-i

FAW Toyota Corolla 2017 1.2T CVT GLX-i

FAW Toyota Corolla 2017 1.2T CVT GLX-i

● Introduction to new cars

  The new Corolla launch is undoubtedly the most attractive concern is the new 1.2T models, according to the current understanding of the information, the vehicle will not make adjustments to the appearance of body size, the Corolla length and width were 4630/1775 / 1480mm, Wheelbase is 2700mm. Configuration, the vehicle or standard VSC body stability system and increase the pearl white paint and so on. In addition, the 1.6L model will retain the entry-level 1.6L manual GL and 1.6L CVT GL models, to reduce the 1.8L CVT to the high and 1.8L CVT GLX-i models will be equipped with automatic start and stop and uphill auxiliary system; Car access threshold, for consumers, the vehicle's overall cost-effective to further enhance.

FAW Toyota Corolla 2016 1.6L CVT GL-i

『The picture shows the 2016 1.6L CVT-i cool version』

FAW Toyota Corolla 2016 1.6L CVT GL-i

FAW Toyota Corolla 2016 1.6L CVT GL-i




  Power, the Corolla 1.2T models equipped with 8NR-FTS 1.2L turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of 116 horsepower, peak torque of 185 Nm, compared to 1.6L engine power reduced by 6 horsepower, while the torque is increased 31 cattle meters. In addition, the official announced 1.2T model integrated hundred kilometers fuel consumption of 5.4L / 100km.

FAW Toyota Corolla 2017 1.2T CVT GLX-i

『The picture shows the Corolla 1.2T engine』

  Currently, the Corolla product line has 1.6L, 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and 1.8L hybrid products a total of three kinds of combinations, and with the 1.2T models to join, Corolla will have a naturally aspirated, turbocharged and hybrid three Series of optional, so that the choice of consumers more abundant.

● New car background

FAW Toyota Corolla 2016 1.6L CVT GL-i 一汽丰田 卡罗拉 2016款 双擎 1.8L CVT旗舰版

『2016 models Corolla 1.6L; 2016 models Corolla dual engine 1.8L models』

   China-made new generation of Corolla is FAW Toyota Corolla based on the new European brand to build a new compact car, the new car is the Toyota Corolla's 11th generation models, and in October 2015 FAW Toyota is launching a hybrid system equipped with Corolla dual engine, To enrich the consumer choice.

● Competitors

北京现代 领动 2016款 1.6L 自动智炫·旗舰型 广汽丰田 雷凌 2016款 1.6E 手动新锐版

『Hyundai Leader / Toyota Ralink』

东风日产 轩逸 2016款 1.6XL 手动豪华版 长安马自达 马自达3 Axela昂克赛拉 2016款 三厢 1.5L 自动尊贵型

『Nissan Sylphy / Mazda 3 Axela』

一汽-大众 速腾 2017款 230TSI 自动舒适型 东风雪铁龙 雪铁龙C4L 2016款 1.2T 自动领先型

Volkswagen Sagitar / Citroen C4L』

  After the launch of the new Corolla in the current joint venture brand compact car market still has a lot of competitors, including the Guangzhou Toyota Ralink, Hyundai Leader, Nissan Sylphy, Mazda 3 Axela Ankai La and the public Sunny, Polaris, Sagitar, Citroen C4L and many other models. In addition to the new Corolla in addition to its existing strengths, the strategic focus from the original 1.6L to 1.2T, into a small displacement turbocharged trend, so it and the general use of small displacement turbo-Sunny, Polaris 1.4T models and Citroen C4L 1.2T models and other models will become more intense competition.

● Full text summary

    More than two years of Carola once again ushered in a major facelift. Which looks and interior changes little, and the focus is placed on a large number of models facelift new 1.2T engine and in addition to 1.6L models, fully equipped with traction control, body stability control and a series of active uphill assistance Security configuration, this self-promotion attitude is still very worthy of recognition. Of course, look at the current highly competitive domestic joint venture brand compact car market, the new Corolla have to face every opponent can be described as the strength is not weak, to the poor. Including the veteran of this level in the strong opponent Sunny, Bora, Sagitar, etc., as well as Japanese compatriots Ralink, Civic, at the same time, eye-catching performance this year Buick Hideo and just launch the new Peugeot 308, Strong opponents. So the self-improvement after the new Corolla, the competitiveness is indeed stronger, but still full of challenges.

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