Call the car is also cheaper it? Net about the car released new rules

    Recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the four cities jointly issued a network of about car rules, the domestic first-tier cities of these four rules will undoubtedly become the benchmark for other regions. Four details show that "the network management about the car more stringent" has become a consensus. The public are most concerned about the price, due to the network platform for the car has been reduced subsidies, operating costs, fewer cars, fewer drivers and other issues will once again usher in large-scale price increases.


● The network driver must hold a local account, residence permit or local driver's license:

Beijing, Shanghai, the rules of the two vehicles on the net about the qualifications of vehicles and drivers have made specific provisions in Beijing and Shanghai to apply for "network booking taxi driver's license" drivers, the city need to meet the conditions of residence and so on.


Shenzhen requirements, the network car drivers need to have the city residence or hold an effective "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone residence permit", and Guangzhou, said the network car drivers without local accounts, .

● Operating vehicle threshold to enhance, compact models or will exit the network car market (wheelbase, displacement requirements)


In the vehicle requirements, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen net about the car must be a local license. At the same time four cities for the network about the car power, wheelbase has similar requirements: power requirements of the engine displacement in 1.8T or 2.0L or more, wheelbase will have to reach more than 2700mm, while the new energy vehicle wheelbase to achieve 2650mm or more.

● government point of view: control of foreign population, slowing congestion

For the network about the driver, the vehicle threshold to improve, the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission related personnel talked about: from August 2014 since the congestion index increased substantially over the first half, and this time with the network about the car in Beijing large-scale emergence of time , And in June 2015, traffic congestion index also increased by 31.5% year on year, this period of time with the network of subsidies to help popular in Beijing coincide with the time. Therefore, in order to alleviate traffic pressure, environmental protection and other considerations, the city hopes to guide more passengers to the public transport up.

The problem of local account is determined by the factors such as the population of the city, the level of economic development, urban traffic congestion and air quality.

● on the network about the impact of drivers: Most of the network or driver about to leave

According to statistics, in Shanghai, local account of about 10% of network drivers, which means that at least 90% of the network about the car driver is about to lose their jobs. In addition to the requirements of the vehicle has been basically compact models removed from the medium-sized cars above the model was in line with relevant standards.

● impact on the passengers: the network has basically bid farewell to the cabbage car prices, pricing will be higher than the taxi

Since the emergence of the car after the network, hundreds of millions of subsidies war have started, for many passengers, the net is about cars and taxis compared to cheap. However, the introduction of the provisions of the new point of view, the car will be located in the high-end network, which means that we may want to and the price of cabbage in the past about the farewell car.

Edit Comment:

With a local joke, a local license plate, are driving more than 2.0L or 1.8T displacement of the new car, so good conditions, it seems to imagine in the future network of car drivers will also become popular dating sites Players, I helped the car platform about the idea of a slogan, "there are accounts, a luxury car, would like to off the network on a single car!"

In short, the future of the network car may be for most of the passengers is not accounted for in terms of cheap, and most of these passengers will have to re-enter the public transport, it does not seem a bad thing. But at the same time we also hope that the control network about the number of cars, prices, under the premise of the traditional taxi industry can be rectified, so that passengers have more choices.

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