5 ways to remove car glass ice and snow

    In winter, the windshield is prone to ice when it is raining, especially when the vehicle is parked for one night. When the temperature is below zero, the front windshield is easy to freeze. In order to remove these frost, a lot of cars will spend a lot of time, and even lead to many owners of delayed working hours. Today we are talking about the way to de-icing, to help us avoid some car trouble.

First, the main reason for the ice car glass

    People left the car, the car is still left with the heat, making the car glass or hot, when the snow fell on the first melting glass; in the snow melt process, the car temperature gradually reduced to the car temperature and the same temperature outside the car , The melting of snow on the glass began to freeze.

Second, how to remove the glass frost?

Method one: warm air deicing

The best way is to start the car, when the engine water temperature rises, with the wind blowing windshield until the ice melt. But this method also has some drawbacks, is time-consuming, laborious, cost oil. If the car is no longer rain and snow, the windshield of water can be wiped clean, it can also avoid the windshield on the ice again. If it is snow, the windshield after the car can be wiped clean, and then covered in a layer of newspaper on the windshield, so that the newspaper can be torn off again, do not worry about the windshield On the ice.

Method two: physical deicing

Owners can prepare a hard plastic scraper, of course, can also be dedicated glass frost shovel, glass frost shovel more convenient, fast, and not cold hands. When there is snow and ice on the glass, use a plastic blade or glass frost to remove. In addition to snow and ice, to prevent the glass scratches, plastic scraper or glass frost shovel can not be scraped back and forth, should be pushed in the same direction.

Method three: chemical deicing

Currently on the market there is a spray de-icing agent, it is designed for the freezing of the windows and wiper thawing high-speed anti-icing spray concentrated liquid, does not damage the body surface, to prevent re-freezing and dirty. In the low temperature below 30 ℃, you can easily remove the ice and snow, at the same time, it can prevent the windshield and water parts of ice, do not damage the body surface, clean glass clean, without leaving streaks.

Method 4: keep the car outside the same temperature

After the car ran out of the car in one day, do not immediately lock the car and leave, but the door open ventilation, and other car temperature dropped to the temperature outside the car almost time (probably a minute), then turn on the power, With the windshield wipers on the snow and then brush it; this time, shut the door, lock the car. The next morning, as long as the windshield on the snow cleared, no snow below the ice, you can immediately drive the road.

Method five: cover anti-ice

Is currently on the market sales of windshield mate, it is produced by the national environmental protection materials, resistant to minus 40 degrees low temperature, double-sided anti-frost against snow and frost, just gently a cover in the morning gently, folded, folded on the packaging Bag, a hot car can be set off. Saving time and fuel. For the cold days do not want to stretch out their hand toss, and love the clean owner, is the best choice.

In addition, the snow for the car covered with garments, or in the window pad on the newspaper or plastic sheeting and tape is also very effective.

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