Gold displacement 2.0T engine evaluation Volkswagen / BMW / Mercedes-Benz

    [car03  engine]  In the turbo-direct injection under the tide, the car prices have come up with their "good show" to deal with this trend, then in this wave under which exactly a displacement of the major car companies have become a treasure to compete to seize? Non-2.0T group must go. In order to allow the engine to have a lower displacement at the same time, but also have considerable power with the six-cylinder engine, and in the economy also has a better performance, 2.0T four-cylinder supercharged engine can be described as an advantage.


  Since it is contested, then the displacement in this constituency, there will be a wide range of engine products for our consumers, surely you have to look dazzled, by the end, we come together Inventory of those mainstream 2.0T supercharged engine, so you have a clear understanding of them and compare.

Note: This year-end inventory Tell me what they do not lead to war in the comments area caused by bad influence each jet, each engine has its own advantages and disadvantages, Wang rational view, I would like to thank understanding.

● Why the major manufacturers have to use the 2.0T displacement?

    For this type of engine, we must first know why many manufacturers love 2.0T: on the one hand it's sort of a small displacement per cylinder bore and stroke are relatively balanced ride performance is acceptable; on the other hand, 2.0L after the engine is equipped with a turbocharger, with its power than its larger displacement of some comparable six-cylinder engine, and even many manufacturers will 2.0T four-cylinder turbocharged engine to be construed as the old six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. " alternative products "; and most importantly, to ensure adequate power situation, generally speaking, 2.0T four-cylinder engine displacement greater than the V6 engine is more fuel economy, emissions in the tax also has some advantages.


  In the 2.0T engine, many brands in order to differentiate its power output level, in different models to match the structure of the same but different tuning 2.0T engine, this can also be seen that the 2.0T engine benefit from its row The amount of moderate advantage, with a wide dynamic range and adapt to the characteristics of more models. So these different versions of the 2.0T is how to do it?



  Some of the engine is simply through the ECU can be achieved, but most of the engines in addition to the multi-power version of the ECU is different from the many components of the engine has a different degree of enhanced design. So why here say this thing? Brush ECU friends you must be careful to consider, if you can do some of the best engine to strengthen the work (do not ask me how to know! Who did not make mistakes young!).

Here we will be under the brand, divided into two groups of 2.0T products for spicy assessment, in front of high-energy, there will be a certain degree of Tucao, not too seriously.

● overseas brand group: basic technical molding, dynamic coverage

1, the controversial pioneer: Volkswagen EA888 2.0T

    Old friends EA888 surely we are very familiar with it. I remember when around 2006, when the first batch of imports to the domestic fifth-generation GTI will use a combination of 2.0TSI +6 speed DSG, which is my first impression of the public exposure to this set of "legendary power Assembly ". As to how this thing was amazing at that time, a set of data is enough to explain everything: l power of 100Ps, with dual-clutch gearbox can reach 6.9s 100 km acceleration results, "hatchback Sagitar" appearance price of about 400,000, ten Years ago to achieve this level of domestic sold absolutely be regarded as "no friends" the.


  I do not know is not the data stunning to the other manufacturers, from the public to increase direct injection EA113, there are many manufacturers began to compete to develop direct injection supercharged engine. In contrast, direct injection supercharged engine popular, grab a lot of self-priming the engine of the limelight, coupled with increasingly stringent emission regulations and tax policy, and now the car did not have a supercharged embarrassed and greeted others.


  Indeed, people are afraid of well-known pig Papan, EA888 to attract everyone's attention at the same time, the problem of burning oil for many owners headache. The specific reasons we can see before we wrote EA888 dismantling article: EA888 dismantling. This is not the black engine, the matter on the matter, this engine oil burning probability is indeed high, but the third generation of EA888 has oil pipelines and oil and gas separator to make the above improvements, the actual effect is indeed some improvement. Another problem is that this engine inherited the EA113 the "grandfather-class" cylinder, using a cast iron material, although the strength has some advantages, but it is too old, the cylinder Shen cooling in general, and now the cast aluminum Alloy technology to achieve high strength is not a problem.

2, the same as playing a high engine made: BMW B48 2.0T

    Another nowadays normalization of the engine should be the BMW B series engine. And EA888 years of production is different, the BMW B series engine be "a young man", this engine was born in order to gradually replace the production of many years of N series engine, if you understand the BMW, you should be very clear B series and N series is absolutely considered between the completely redesigned.


  Yes, different from the N series engine, B series engine uses a modular design concept, regardless of cylinder number and displacement, the engine parts replacement is still very strong. This is because at the beginning of the design, the different displacement between the engine using a unified standard single cylinder size data (Bore: 82mm, stroke: 94.6mm, ideal displacement 0.5L), and change the displacement is nothing more than Cylinder and cylinder reduction process (special case: B38A12A engine), and in the engine development process, and the different displacement engine match many structures can achieve unified design. As a result, the number of different displacement cylinder engine like "loaded Lego" as in the design to be easy to achieve a lot.


  This engine can be said into the popular nowadays many advanced engine technology: water-cooled intake, exhaust integrated cylinder head, cylinder liner design, and retained direct injection technology, valve timing and lift regulation. Although the parameter is not much compared with the N20 upgrade, but due to enhanced water cooling system, the car's original coverage of the power output level is still very broad. (For more information on B48? Meng stamp link: B48 engine analysis)

    So this engine must be perfect it? In fact, there is room for improvement, such as at this stage is the use of electronically controlled mechanical pumps, in the future can actually consider an independent set of electronic pumps to be replaced, and because of its high degree of integrated design for the latter to be modified friends Said that the engine in the convenience of conversion may be less than N20.

3, Germany and Japan share: Mercedes-Benz M274 / M270 (Nissan called the 274930 / 274A) 2.0T

    Volkswagen BMW has its own 2.0T, the German car pioneer Mercedes-Benz certainly will not fall behind. Direct injection in the tide under the turbo, Mercedes-Benz in 2011 also entered the 2.0T turbo era: code-named M274 (longitudinal) / M270 (taek) of the two engines into production cars, to replace the Mercedes-Benz before the Four - cylinder supercharged engine


  Like many brands, tasted the sweetness of the Mercedes-Benz even want to let this engine try to replace the original low-power six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, but here is a problem: Mercedes-Benz as a German luxury brand, "Less cylinders," the practice of this matter, how many people think that Mercedes-Benz "does not pursue a texture." And the truth? In recognition of this engine at the technical level and power output of the advantages of the same time, the sound of this engine is really not very nice.


  In fact, this "cross-border cooperation" approach is not the first time, and now many brands have achieved mutual exchange, the future trend must be to create a "global car", so the whole planet like the product. If you own a lot of German and Japanese brand new car, you will find the driving texture between them has been very similar to the previous, the so-called "a car" concept will become increasingly diluted, good things Of course, we should share. Although the engine has not been in production for a long time, but the M274 / M270 has been approaching replacement, the new Mercedes-Benz four-cylinder turbo engine is being tested which, as to how the new machine, we will wait and see.

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