Gold displacement 2.0T engine evaluation Porsche / Toyota / Honda / Infiniti

    In the turbo-direct injection under the tide, the car prices have come up with their "good show" to deal with this trend, then in this wave under which exactly a displacement of the major car companies have become a treasure to compete to seize? Non-2.0T group must go. In order to allow the engine to have a lower displacement at the same time, but also have considerable power with the six-cylinder engine, and in the economy also has a better performance, 2.0T four-cylinder supercharged engine can be described as an advantage.

    4, to regain water on the four-cylinder: Porsche level of 2.0T

    Yes, in the treatment of "reducing the cylinder" on this matter, there is a great controversy caused by the engine, that is, the level of the Porsche four-cylinder 2.0T turbocharged engine. "Porsche to abandon the level of the six-cylinder switch to the four-cylinder turbo? That and Subaru What's the difference?" Do not worry first deny this engine, at least this is not contrary to tradition.


  Since it does not violate the traditional, then what is the advantage of this engine? Come on, this is the product of a new era, Porsche will not be foolish to casually go to give up a previous successful project to vote in a failed project. Starting with the boost from the engine: Compared to the Boxster / Cayman, which is equipped with a 2.7L horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine, the 2.0T is faster, more economical, lighter and lighter. While retaining the Porsche proper handling, but also to allow this car "more close to the people": the official quotation and displacement tax purchase tax, what are some low, so you more easily from the Porsche sports car dream (although I Or can not afford to buy).



In a sense, this engine replacement is successful, at least allow more people to spend less money to experience the charm of the Porsche sports car. Of course, in the end, we still have to Tucao this seemingly perfect engine of the little shortcomings: a big noise than before the vigorous charming. This is not my one rhetoric, many people think so, with the same as the Mercedes-Benz 2.0T, the lack of a sense of quality.

5, materialist: Toyota 8AR-FTS 2.0T

To say the world's most repairer of the brand, none other than Toyota. Practical, good to open, worry is also cheap, is Toyota's reputation for many years laid. Lean production and practical design and implementation of the entire Toyota brand, of course, as it should be in the engine is also true, not only to integrate advanced technology nowadays, but also to be reliable and durable, maintenance is still very cheap.


  Mixed jet, Otto - Atkinson cycle switch, dual VVT and integrated exhaust cylinder head, etc., have it in a certain level playing a lot of claiming their advanced technology 2.0T engine face. Indeed, if you carefully studied the engine, you will find that this engine combines almost all the popular modern gasoline engine technology, whether from the fuel efficiency or emissions from a comprehensive point of view, this engine has a not Vulgar strength, and the power level seems to have changed "Toyota car power is only enough" image.


  So why would Toyota have to make this 2.0T engine with so much engine technology? In fact, this is not difficult to understand, in fact, Toyota has always been not to exclude new technology, on the contrary very much hope that the new technology to make up some of the inherent turbo engine, Toyota has also done. Of course, in theory, the integration of so many technical circumstances, reliability assurance is indeed difficult to know the reliability of Toyota, but the brand, this slightly radical approach will bring what kind of results? In addition, according to some Toyota 2.0T owners feedback that this engine there is burning oil phenomenon, is this to go the public's old road?

6, TYPE R dream of the earth: Honda EARTH DREAM K20C 2.0T

Speaking of Honda's big move in recent years, undoubtedly the "Earth Dream" engine: Honda EARTH DREAM series was born. Indeed, Honda, which has been a rare turbo-engine, has finally made some changes: turbocharging, combined with its home technology, has created the "Earth Dream" that has allowed new turbo engines to reach their global fleet.


  In fact, Honda is not without turbocharging technology, a few years ago, Honda has tried to the previous generation of Acura RDX equipped with a turbocharged engine, and then the following. The return of the turbo can be seen as Honda by the turbine trend, once again return to test the water turbocharger technology. And what is the result of this regression? Take the crown of the K20C3 and the Highlander 8AR-FTS 2.0T comparison, the engine output is very bright, the actual output performance is equally impressive.


  Indeed, this time Honda has come up with a powerful engine, but if you carefully observe what I said, it is not difficult to find a point: the car only exhaust with VTEC valve lift adjustment function. Presumably in order to ensure that the cylinder pressure is not too much and balance the cost of doing it, after all, turbo and direct injection blessing, cylinder pressure and not the same as before. (To learn more about the engine, Meng stamp link: Honda 2.0T engine dismantling)

7, the compression ratio is variable: Infiniti VC-T 2.0T

After two fields, Nissan seems to sit still want to come up with some high-tech 2.0T engine. In a few years, "Mercedes-Benz M274 / M270 shelter", Nissan recently took out their "black technology": a variable compression ratio 2.0T engine, and call it VC-T, the first will be equipped with In the new Infiniti QX50 and other models.


  In the retention of some popular mixed jet and timing adjustment technology at the same time, this engine is how to complete the compression ratio adjustment function? In fact, not complicated, since it is not easy to change the crankshaft connecting rod structure, then think of ways to achieve the plane displacement of the crankshaft to ensure that the piston can move up and down only point at the same time.


  To tell the truth this move is still very crazy, after the explosion in the cylinder to do work, the piston directly into the kinetic energy transferred into the piston rod, connecting rod and crankshaft phase, the three say it is to bear a great impulse And kinetic energy of the parts, each individual parts are generally casting molding, and even some of the engine but also to go through a step forging process to ensure that the strength of these three parts. The newly added eccentric wheel structure also have to bear considerable strength, the strength of this body will be the future durability of the key considerations to be the key

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