Gold displacement 2.0T engine evaluation Subaru / GM / Ford

    In the turbo-direct injection under the tide, the car prices have come up with their "good show" to deal with this trend, then in this wave under which exactly a displacement of the major car companies have become a treasure to compete to seize? Non-2.0T group must go. In order to allow the engine to have a lower displacement at the same time, but also have considerable power with the six-cylinder engine, and in the economy also has a better performance, 2.0T four-cylinder supercharged engine can be described as an advantage.

8, the Americans feel good: Subaru FA20F level of 2.0T

    Speaking of Subaru 2.0T level of home engine, maybe you and me, the first thought is that the old STi installed in the legendary engine - EJ20 (want to see EJ series engine content? Meng stamp link: classic engine Of the EJ20 series). Admittedly, and equipped with 4G63T the old EVO "pinch frame" process, Subaru's most powerful level of the 2.0T engine EJ20 series contributed, both from the strength or power output has a very impressive performance. Today, however, we do not talk about classic, turn to see a new era of Subaru products: FA20F engine.


  This new level of four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0T engine can be said that with the previous EJ20 completely different: First, the bore diameter travel, FA20F is a dual 86mm design, can take into account the power emissions and economy, and to a certain extent, the balance Low-speed power output, and before the high-speed-oriented EJ20 showed a big difference, while the aluminum cylinder head also allows a lot of weight loss, coupled with Toyota D-4S hybrid jet technology blessing, have this engine Showing a kind of approachable but exceptionally irritable feeling.


  As for the shortcomings, and perhaps the same level of Porsche engine on the side of the grinding problem. This is a horizontal engine on the congenital structural defects, the impact of gravity by the piston cylinder wall will produce more serious wear and tear, and then produce a series of problems such as burning oil, can only be enhanced and not completely cured, but this is With a long time will be the problem, the most important thing in a timely manner.

9, old and vigorous: General Ecotec LDK 2.0T

    General LDK 2.0T engine can be seen as a common group of European 2.0T engine counterattack horn, cylinder with direct injection turbo technology need not say, want to let the European 2.0T players feel the pressure from the United States, Not a bit hard power is not enough.


  And today we have to say that this Taiwan LDK 2.0T is actually considered the second generation of products, GM for its future initiatives and other brands are actually more similar to the name of Ecotec's engine product line covers a number of displacement. In addition to the popular direct-injection turbo technology, the LDK 2.0T engine features a twin-scroll design and twin-pair balance shafts, and uses a low-friction resistance optimization for the in-cylinder section, Has a good balance of performance.


  So to say that the shortcomings of the engine, may be slightly tired of some of it. In other people's home engine progress, this 2.0T engine does not seem to have any particular optimization actions, and now the car engine from time to time will be able to give you a new gadget, and this LDK and its competing products They also seem to have room for improvement in technology. But do not forget, there is a GM equipped with 2.0T on the Cadillac Oh. (For more information about the Cadillac 2.0T engine, the Stamp Link: General LTG Engine)

10, challenge the public: Ford EcoBoost 2.0T

    If EA888 is the beginning of the 2.0T war, then Ford's EcoBoost is definitely determined to cut the players under their horse. Once the launch of high-power calibration for its hyperchromic (of course there is a story, we will say later), EcoBoost flagship a lot of technical total also confirmed that the engine strength is impressive.


  Direct injection + turbine technology is inevitable, dual VVT timing adjustment and low inertia turbine is reasonable, and supports lean combustion, aluminum alloy cylinder head and balance shaft for this engine to add color, with the double clutch Gearbox, this powertrain quite a public "TSI + DSG" tone, it seems that Ford is very targeted to develop this set of things, and EcoBoost can support hybrid systems. The new EcoBoost 2.0T is now the second generation of the product, an increase of double scroll design, and for more advanced engine technology, they said they would gradually try to use them in the EcoBoost engine.


  As for the engine what kind of problems, perhaps because the Americans want to take away the limelight of it, the first generation of EcoBoost 2.0T engine there is a virtual target situation, it was pulled to the power machine test, I do not know Not the transmission efficiency of the reasons, found that the actual output parameters and calibration of some far, this is indeed a lot of people a little disappointed. Of course, this is not to deny this engine, after loading the actual dynamic performance or access to a lot of praise.

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