Gold displacement 2.0T engine evaluation Volvo / Jaguar Land Rover / Hyundai

     In the turbo-direct injection under the tide, the car prices have come up with their "good show" to deal with this trend, then in this wave under which exactly a displacement of the major car companies have become a treasure to compete to seize? Non-2.0T group must go. In order to allow the engine to have a lower displacement at the same time, but also have considerable power with the six-cylinder engine, and in the economy also has a better performance, 2.0T four-cylinder supercharged engine can be described as an advantage.

    11, squeeze to the limit: Volvo turbo + supercharged 2.0T

    If you find a nowadays power output of the most perverted mass production 2.0T engine, that Volvo must stand up and speak. In 2013, Volvo released its new DRIVE-E powertrain, one of the 2.0T turbo + supercharged engine of high-profile. Volvo product line now, this engine is definitely the brand's rising star, even the XC90 such a big guy because of its birth and entered the 2.0T era.


  With a number of 2.0T engine is somewhat different, Volvo seems to want this engine to be squeezed to the limit, in addition to the turbo, the supercharger into one, the effect of this initiative is bound to be beautiful: this engine should allow Weight more than 2 tons of XC90 hundred kilometers accelerated to 7.26s! It seems the problem of small horse-drawn cart you do not have to worry about, and Volvo gives a satisfactory answer.


  As for the engine there is nothing unsatisfactory place, according to some of my owners reflect, perhaps because of pressing too much, cylinder pressure due to large, this engine there is burning oil problem. Another Tucao about Volvo's engine product line, the old straight six intended to use when to change it? (For more information on the engine? Rush stamp link: Volvo 2.0T)

12, no longer depend on others: Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium 2.0T

    Since the Land Rover Range Rover Aurora, Jaguar Land Rover also entered the 2.0T era, but in the beginning, due to the impact of Ford technology, pre-installed on the Jaguar Land Rover models 2.0T Ford is the first generation of EcoBoost 2.0T engine. Today, Ford bid farewell to the era, the second generation of EcoBoost 2.0T not to the "married girl" with, and this allows Jaguar Land Rover with the idea of developing a new series of engines - Ingenium series engine so India Tata funding Under the birth


  The development of this engine is focused on ensuring the power of the same time, as much as possible to reduce energy consumption. In addition to those mentioned above, many times the mainstream technology, the engine in the pump and pump with electric control flow control design, and the new design of the balance axis ball bearings can reduce energy consumption, eccentric crankshaft design is also possible in order to Of the reduced energy consumption, so that the engine smooth and efficient operation.


  Having said that many advantages, we return to a serious topic: quality. I believe a lot of Jaguar Land Rover owners are worried about the quality of this car, the new engine has brought a lot of advanced technology, reliability assurance will face more severe challenges, then can do this, Jaguar Land Rover to see the performance in the future. (For more information on the engine? Meng stamp link: Jaguar Land Rover new engine)

13, not far behind: modern Theta II improved 2.0T

    Having said that 2.0T engine, so what Korean people doing? The trend of the times, not far behind the Korean people naturally have to develop their own 2.0T engine. Although not as front of these products have such a big thunder, but it seems that the modern development of this 2.0T engine is also quite Aspect.


  Theta II improved 2.0T engine is accurate to say is an upgrade product, not a new development. It is through the old engine part of the structural basis, through the installation of turbocharger and direct injection system, and make some optimization design improvements. Do not worry about negating this engine, you know it's technology is also some Aspect.


  In a sense, this engine does have some of the more dazzling place, but it is undeniable that this is not a new product, this evolution of the product in the future to continue the potential of technological development and how? May be present at the present stage in front of the problem. (For more information on the engine? Ramp Link: Modern 2.0T)

Edit Summary:

    We have a lot of overseas brands mainstream inventory 2.0T engine products, although may not talk in many ways very in-depth, but in general we can see some trends: 2.0T gold displacement direct injection supercharged engine tomorrow is Great, the car companies competing for their 2.0T engine to add fresh technology, 2.0T the potential of how much? Not only you and I would like to know, car prices are also trying to try. Next period we will inventory some Chinese brand 2.0T engine, have any questions welcome to my editorial blog for further communication

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