Dynamic performance in general, measuring Chevrolet Cruze 1.5L automatic version

    [car03 test]  In the previous while we Cruze 1.4T models carried out the performance test, so that everyone can understand the general performance. The vendor also provided 1.5L naturally inspired version of the Cruze, and car03 statistics from the user's attention in terms of 1.5L models even higher than the 1.4T. It is bound to also have a lot of friends curious this 1.5L Cruze performance, then let us enter the topic now!

上汽通用雪佛兰 科鲁兹 2017款 1.5L 自动炫锋版

    This test models for the Cruze 1.5L Automatic Hyun Feng Edition (hereinafter referred to as the Cruze), on the static part of it you can click to read the previous article review, this article will not go into details.

Power section:

    The test vehicle equipped with this 1.5L naturally aspirated engine maximum power of 114 horsepower / 6600rpm, peak torque of 146 Nm / 4000rpm. From the parameters point of view is not very eye-catching, which can also be expected with it and can not provide the acceleration of how passionate feelings.

上汽通用雪佛兰 科鲁兹 2017款 1.5L 自动炫锋版

上汽通用雪佛兰 科鲁兹 2017款 1.5L 自动炫锋版

 In the transmission system, and this 1.5L engine match is a 6-speed automated manual transmission, 1.4T models equipped with 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox in GM's products and no combination of naturally aspirated engine.

Driving experience:

In fact, before the test car to get to see only the parameters of power performance is also a bit worried, but get started after the first impression is pretty good, starting a more brisk, impetuous feeling is not obvious, of course, this also depends on the throttle Step on how deep. Of course, if you open it in the first row and other red light, you want to start off after the left and right sides of the "opponent", still have to step on the accelerator or even floor oil start Caixing.

上汽通用雪佛兰 科鲁兹 2017款 1.5L 自动炫锋版

上汽通用雪佛兰 科鲁兹 2017款 1.5L 自动炫锋版

  In the urban road conditions, the maximum speed limit is usually 80km / h, in this limited speed range driving in fact also does not generate too much complain about power. In addition, the relatively smooth performance of the gearbox also has some comfort for comfort. Matching the engine and gearbox tuning well, open up is also very easy.

上汽通用雪佛兰 科鲁兹 2017款 1.5L 自动炫锋版

  Cruising deep step on the accelerator, the transmission in the short-term thinking will be made after the response, and even even drop the number of block, but subject to the power of the engine itself is not strong, you want to get how sharp push back that Can only say sorry, as the number of turns, the incoming noise will also be affected, but the speed is not very fast. If in the urban areas of this power Cruze's performance will be able to meet the daily needs, it would be super-cars on the highway to do some strenuous.

    Measured in this section Cruze curb weight of 1270kg, weight is not large, you know only two doors and body much smaller than it's Toyota 86 heavier than it 2kg (2.0L automatic luxury type). Light body can make the vehicle low speed to open up relatively brisk, and commendable is that it will not be very high speed, "Gone with the Wind", excellent chassis tuning also contributed.

上汽通用雪佛兰 科鲁兹 2017款 1.5L 自动炫锋版

  Compared to the 1.4T models, equipped with 1.5L engine Cruze in the rear suspension structure, slightly different, cancel the sense of control to enhance the watt connecting rod, the structure is relatively simple torsion beam non-independent suspension, front suspension was Conventional McPherson independent suspension. Such a combination in the same level of joint venture models is still relatively common.

    In fact, from the appearance will be able to see Ke Luzi is a main group of young consumer models, and in the chassis adjustment settings it is more inclined to young people more like the "sense of movement." Suspension system as a whole is tough, in cornering or high-speed lane when it can provide good support, but in providing driving pleasure at the same time there will be some sacrifice. When the vehicle through poor condition of the road, the crushing of the bumps will be more direct transmission to the passengers and drivers inside the car, if another big pit, vertical sense of departure is also a bit strong.

上汽通用雪佛兰 科鲁兹 2017款 1.5L 自动炫锋版

  Compared to the previous test 1.4T models, this 1.5L Cruz is undoubtedly the biggest difference in the power section. Although the displacement is larger, but less turbocharger blessing in the power output is still not a small gap. But on the other hand, this 6-speed manual transmission performance than the double-clutch gearbox better, if you are not very motivated to pursue the fact that 1.5L models is also a good choice. As for the differences in chassis performance is not great, the lack of w will only have a strong impact on driving, but the driving force of 1.5L models is difficult to provoke a strong desire to drive, it usually will not be much Unrestrained.

2 the test: acceleration, fuel consumption as 1.4T models

Performance Testing:

The official announcement of 0-100km / h acceleration time of 12.1 seconds, and in the previous test we 1.4T, the measured results better than the official on some of the situation?


  The final 11.31 seconds result is a lot faster than the official results, and use the same power system Buick Yinglang almost the whole process is more dull acceleration, only a little push back at the start feeling. 205mm width of the tire just enough, 2000rpm start lightly when the tire will immediately resume the grip.


 Brake test final score of 40.54 meters, compared to 1.4T models of 40.15 meters gap is not large, taking into account the narrower tire reason (previous test models equipped with 225mm wide tires), the braking distance is not too long can be considered too much gratifying , The performance belongs to qualified areas. But considering that my colleagues had in the wet trample 37.04 m of excellent results, perhaps the test environment and other external factors on the final results had no small effect.

Fuel consumption test:


  The Ministry of Industry and the 1.5L Cruze fuel consumption is higher than the 1.4T, and our actual test results as well. The latter measured the average fuel consumption of 7.5L / 100km, while the measured 1.5L models were 9.2L / 100km. It is worth mentioning that this car's driving computer to calculate the average fuel consumption of 8.6L / 100km, and we reputation system submitted by the owners of the same fuel consumption.

Edit Summary:

    This 1.5L engine Cruze's biggest weakness is undoubtedly the power, compared to 1.4T models, whether it is accelerated performance or fuel economy performance has a certain gap. The same configuration of the guide price gap of 1.3 million, taking into account a price of 100,000 yuan for a terminal models for some of the models for the price gap is not too small, so if you are not particularly concerned about the power In fact, this car is also worth considering. Of course, the budget is more adequate for consumers we still recommend the purchase of 1.4T models.

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