How much money to build an electric car companies?

[The formation of a team concept electric car]

This year, I (car home) and old rival Li Bin (easy to drive) to participate founded two electric car companies: Wei to car, car and home. Wei Bin leading to cars, to create high-quality products and services to electric car brand, to view currently available products, with TESLA closer. I have to lead the car and at home, to create a small but beautiful electric vehicles, the market can no reference to the business, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen, Audi and so had a similar concept car prototype.

Although the two of us is the Internet (two NYSE-listed Internet companies) origin, but most Internet car start-up team are different, we are not the first to complete HMI (Human Machine Interface, namely interactive system, including hardware, systems, applications, content, etc.) team and design team. Whether Wei to car, or car and home, we have the first team into the scale of the supply chain and manufacturing teams, as well as technical, engineering and R & D team.

Supply chain and core team responsible for manufacturing has years of experience to build from scratch a leading factory output value of 100 billion, and the firm's supply chain contacts. Technology, engineering and R & D team, with an average work experience in more than a decade, participated in a variety of production cars. Although extremely repairer of difficulty, but the quality of employees and professional level of the automotive industry is also very good. Find the right people, is critical.

[Car is more important than the Internet]

People outside the Internet industry now like to say Internet +, can the car is one of the world's most complex industrial products, one that the complexity of the HMI hardware and software systems to as much as any cell phone, and HMI is up to a car one tenth. Therefore, in our opinion it does not have any Internet + car, only a clear understanding of the nature of the automotive + Internet, will it be possible to go down to earth. The car is based on the Internet is icing on the cake and help improve the efficiency of, first, high-quality cars, and the rest will be meaningful.

As set forth in the so-called Internet companies like wool lies in the pigs, car dealers do not want to make money, to make money through services and value-added, more realistic. Due to the structure of the electric car driving easier, a lot less fluid replacement and maintenance, the output value in the aftermarket, maintenance will be substantially reduced. Plus electric vehicle warranty period is very long, sale or even completely unprofitable.

For those who want to push advertising screen in the car business, I just want to say: go to your mother! I want money like crazy?

Before automatic driving without massive popularity, the primary focus is still safe to drive. The best in-car entertainment or play along with the role of audio content. Expect in the car can add video or more of entertainment, like mobile phone users expect the same driver has fragments of time, basically to take life a joke. When there is no debris driving time, only between life and death.

As for the importance of the Internet, the Internet is already in my opinion the same as eating and sleeping existed. You will see people every day say today how I sleep, eat a few Dayton What food do? On the contrary, those mouth shut the Internet, the spread of the Internet belongs to the voice, still outside the body, mind, head, brain essence.

Premier Keqiang expressed wake Internet + is more emphasis on the Internet for all walks of life to enhance production efficiency, the future of China's economic growth can no longer depend on the scale and labor cheap, and these two points advantage has been that we use completely overdrawn. The next decade, the efficiency for the healthy development of Chinese society and economy, plays the most important role.

[Electric car in the end can OEM]

Electric cars in the end can not phone the same way as in the domestic OEM production? Really can not do within five years. I say the premise that you want to sell 100,000 a year more than the size. If only ready to produce thousands of vehicles a year, or even hundreds of cars, you did not even need to prepare four major production lines, because the factory OEM transformation of production lines to help you pay the cost, there may be higher than your annual turnover.

We have thought, why do we have required costly four production lines (stamping, welding, painting, assembly), it is not able to dispense with punching, with the lower cost of the pipe sections to achieve? The found impossible, that point cost savings pipe sections, it is easy to be eaten after use to bring low productivity and consistency doubled.

New entrants can not think of electric car companies to fool the government subsidies, to take the existing models on the market to be the reverse, removed the engine and fuel tank, replace the battery and motor, taking advantage of government subsidies are not the end, as soon as the car sell it and make some money. If not above ideas, we will certainly consider using the new lightweight materials. If you choose a positive development, with batteries and motors based on a structure from scratch to build the best electric car, eight would consider using aluminum architecture. And different fuel vehicles, increasing fuel vehicle body weight, will become the owners of fuel costs, on the contrary, because the steel is cheaper than aluminum, car prices are cost-effective. Body weight increase of electric vehicles, will directly result in increased battery capacity followed, directly into the car companies themselves bear the cost, and is the highest part of the cost. After the lightweight, aluminum spend more money, you can make back from the savings in battery costs.

The question is, in addition to Chery Jaguar Land Rover, China where there is a real all-aluminum production line?

In summary, I want to put very complex produced electric car, and to ensure safety and quality, only two roads:

1, the construction of their own from scratch. To get the land from the government, cover plants, good production line layout, recruitment and training of workers, to solve the surrounding supporting the supply chain, the deployment of the production line and began production.

And most car makers, car and home will use this way, because the car and home production line is relatively simple.

2, the transformation of the existing plant. The above-described process, the land is subtracted to take cover part of the plant and the recruitment of workers, and the rest all the processes and inputs are not less, because the cost of the plant is the bulk of the transformation.

Wei to car is used in this way, the transformation of the existing plant, mainly to save time, invest a little less.

Why is the OEM Foxconn, iPhone can be very smoothly million per year on production, millet can also produce tens of millions of section, and a hammer T1 but production is very difficult. For the renovation costs because Apple production line, the equipment investment cost, the number of production engineers, and investment to rebuild a factory has no difference.

In fact, both the plant from scratch, or large-scale transformation foundries, the difference in cost is not significant. Suppose an annual capacity of 100,000, making small but beautiful car factory investment from about 100 million dollars, making high-quality passenger car plant investment from 2-3 million dollars. If you intend to expand production capacity to 300,000 -50 million, we need more money money money ......

TESLA when these two modes in the middle, the economic crisis, TESLA spent tens of millions of dollars to buy a ready-made Toyota plant in California, but the latter part of various equipment and meet manufacturing inputs, has several times in the year the money to buy the plant a.

[Electric car companies in the end how much money]

There are several important premise, if you intend to forward research and development of a pure electric car (not the reverse, nor take fuel vehicles renovation), if your goal is to more than 100,000 in annual sales, if you want to create a Always consumer-centric pre-and after-sales service system. To meet the three-year research and development, testing, trial production, production, construction or improvement of high-quality production line, sales into the system when there is a service network as well as several good experience store.

Coupled with the above premise as a new brand, you are basically no good account of (simply better not to the account of, choose to have the supply chain to reduce prices) might get there in the supply chain, so you need to prepare a quarter cash flow.

To sum up, from scratch, until the first mass-produced car sales a year, a total of four years (already a very high efficiency, because the car relating to safety of life, not a trifling matter) time, car and home build small but beautiful car, probably need 200 million dollars in investment. Wei to car takes about one billion dollars in investment. Car and home ready for 100 million dollars, Wei to car ready for 500 million dollars.

Want to make the electric car, financing capacity is indeed a necessary condition, it is courage can not be replaced.

If you have the courage, nor do electric vehicles, because of its difficulty and complexity far beyond the Internet and smart phones.

2015 watch intelligent electric vehicles, and in 2005 perhaps time to look smart phones. In 2005, we can use the Nokia stand for 1 week, laughing Dopod only one day of standby time, and a bad touch experience.

Nobody can know what will happen the next decade. Time, perhaps entrepreneur's best friend.

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