New Prado and other 4 FAW Toyota new car during the year

            Recently, we learned from the relevant channels, FAW Toyota will launch four new cars in 2017. Which will be listed in March in addition to FAW Toyota's first hatchback Vios FS (front potential), will also include the recent exposure to the map of the Corolla mid-facelift, as well as the new Prado and the new crown.

一汽丰田 威驰FS 2017款 基本型

"Vios FS"

        FAW Toyota Vios FS was officially launched in 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show, the car can be seen as wide Toyota Toyota YARiS L to Hyun models "Vios face" version, used to enrich the FAW Toyota in the small car product layout. Power, the new car will continue to carry Vios and YARiS L to Hyun models 1.3L / 1.5L two naturally aspirated engine, both the maximum power of 99 horsepower and 107 horsepower, the transmission system to match the 5-speed manual or CVT stepless speed box.


    Recently, we exposed a group of domestic Corolla medium-term models to change the declaration of the map, the new car in appearance with the European version of the new Corolla convergence, with a new front face and LED taillight design, fashion sense to enhance. Although the Corolla in 2016 to accept the powertrain update (facelift 1.2T engine), but the cash Corolla still maintained just 3 years ago when the listing of internal and external design, medium-term facelift time node has arrived. According to the information we get, the new car will be on the market during the year, and the new design will also draw more popularity for the Carola.

一汽丰田 普拉多 2016款 3.5L 自动TX-L

"FAW Toyota in the sale of Prado"

    Late last year we have reported that FAW Toyota Prado 2.7L models or in September 2017 discontinued. In a few days ago we learned that the new domestic Prado will be launched this year, and the appearance of the new models and dynamic performance will have a "substantial increase. According to the editor had a Toyota dealer from the news obtained, the new Prado is expected to facelift a 2.0T engine, and the specific time listed or the same as in September.

    Prado 2.7L models of the maximum output power of 163 hp, peak torque of 246 Nm, weaker power performance has been criticized by the lack of. Therefore, FAW Toyota decided to Prado 2.7L models for power updates to meet the needs of consumers for more dynamic. Editors believe that if the new car is really facelift 8AR-FTS-type 2.0T engine, then get the power to improve performance at the same time, it is bound to lose off-road driving the need for linear torque output, and face low-grade oil adaptability The lack of problems, for the Prado customer base in the off-road players, not really a good news.

一汽丰田 皇冠 2015款 2.5L 行政版

"FAW Toyota in the sale of Crown"

    FAW Toyota's new generation of Crown in March 2015 listing, follow-up in August, September and 2016 October have added 2.0T models and a variety of new models. As a medium-sized car, Crown in addition to face competition for Ford Taurus, but also facing the Lexus ES 200, LaCrosse and Audi A6L and other models of dislocation competition. Recently, we learned that the crown will be launched this year, facelift models, the new car configuration is expected to be increased in the sale of models to enhance the competitiveness of models and boost sales.

    In the FAW Toyota 2017 new car, the new small car Vios FS has been starting, and will be on sale in March; the same time the new Corolla has also been exposed recently; only the appearance and power are upgraded Prado is still doubts. Does the new car really "advance with the times" to facelift a 2.0T engine? We will also wait and see.

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