Beyond the red line Chevrolet RedLine Special Edition Suite official map

    Recently, Chevrolet officially announced a set of special packages called RedLine optional package, the US market in the sale of the eight models will be applied to the suite, respectively, a cool, Solomon, Krood, Cruze, explorer , Traverse, Mai Rui Bao and Comailo. It is reported that the package will be the opening of the 2017 Chicago Motor Show officially unveiled this week.

雪佛兰(进口) 迈锐宝(海外) 2017款 Red line Special Edition

"The picture above is Malibu; The following picture shows Traverse"

雪佛兰(进口) Traverse 2017款 Red line Special Edition

    According to the official disclosure, RedLine package will include a unified red mark with exclusive black wheels, black grille, black Chevrolet LOGO and the front fender at the black car logo. Depending on the model, there are subtle differences in the kit, such as the Sold and Kurod models with red trailer hooks, and Comailo's wheels will have a black exclusive mark on them.

雪佛兰(进口) 索罗德 2017款 Red line Special Edition


    RedLine series of packages can be traced back to 2015, held in Las Vegas SEMA modified exhibition, at the show Chevrolet announced five RedLine series concept car, allegedly by the participating models of the audience at the time, but also for Chevrolet introduced Of the special edition models have had a certain impact. The latest RedLine Special Edition package will be held this week at the 2017 Chicago Motor Show officially unveiled, and the end of this year, officially listed for sale.

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