Sale 38.58-59.38 million 2019 Jaguar XFL listed

    Recently, Jaguar announced the 2019 Jaguar XFL (parameter | inquiry) officially launched, the new will increase the maximum power of 300 horsepower Ingenium 2.0T high-power version of the model and four-wheel drive models, the price range of 38.58-59.38 million. Please see the table below for detailed pricing:

2019款 捷豹XFL 指导售价
200PS 两驱风华版38.58
200PS 两驱精英版41.58
200PS 两驱豪华版45.48
250PS 四驱尊享版49.48
300PS 四驱奢华版59.38

    The 2019 Jaguar XFL continues the family-like design style, demonstrating the British temperament while retaining the brand's unique sporting characteristics. The 2019 model will offer a new 19-inch sports rim for consumers to choose from.

    For the interior, the 2019 Jaguar XFL will feature a 10.2-inch mid-range touch screen that comes standard with InControl's smart  collar and enjoys the touch system and supports Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife. In addition, features such as a 12.3-inch TFT virtual instrument, a 17-speaker British treasure audio, a rear boss key, and a rear seat massage are available.

    In terms of power, the 2019 Jaguar XFL will be powered by the Ingenium 2.0T engine, offering three different adjustments, with maximum power of 200 hp, 250 hp and 300 hp. In terms of transmission, it is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission. In addition, the 250 hp and 300 hp models will also offer a four-wheel drive system.

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